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Long Dan Xie Gan Wan
The descriptions below are from the Traditional Chinese and or "Folk Medicine" use of  herbs provided for information only and not intended to replace advice from a medical doctor or to replace any drugs that are FDA approved

A Traditional herbal formula for ridding the body of damp heat which can be in the form of Candidiasis, yeast, other fungal infections, gallstones etc.
This can be the root cause of many viral and bacterial infections, kidney, vaginal, prostate, Chronic Fatigue and many other disorders!

This should be taken with
Coptis Root  if there are cronic lung infections or pronounced lung weakness associated with your complaints.

Also used as an important part of a protocol in ridding the body of Gallstones and Kidney Stones -
Click here for Info on this.

I have seen many of the “Great American Herbalists” cleanse the colons of patients and pile them up with supplements and diet until they were blue in the face with very little success! These well meaning people just don’t understand the energy workings and meridian clearing factors of Chinese Herbal Medicine!

For candidiasis, diet and colon flushing management alone is not strong enough to clear the system. With Chinese herbal cleansing therapy, the goal is to clear the system of Dampness, Phlegm, and Heat. These are the causative factors of candidiasis. The herbs of Chinese medicine are not intended to mechanically clear out the large intestine; rather, they promote the clearing-out of the pathological factors of Phlegm and Heat toxins. This is usually very hard for a western doctor to understand.

Middle Burner disorder (Spleen and Stomach) is the key factor in candidiasis. When Spleen energy is weakened by poor diet, to much sugar, pharma-medications (A real biggie!) or other factors, its ability to transform phlegm is diminished. The Spleen then fails to properly absorb and utilize nutrients from the foods we eat, and is therefore unable to produce healthy amounts of Chi and Blood components. (Chi, or Qi, by the way, roughly translated is energy - As in "lack of" or Chronic Fatigue!) So therefore the earliest stage of candidiasis is almost always a Spleen (Middle Burner) disorder. If treated appropriately at this stage, with re-balancing of the Spleen and Stomach, the problem will resolve with no yeast-related symptoms (Which can be legion!)

But candidiasis is not a well-defined disease pattern. It is difficult to diagnose at the early stages, and many people are completely unaware that they are developing a severe problem. Then the disease gains ground, spreading to the Upper Burner (thrush, cough, etc.), or to the Lower Burner (kidney, prostate ,vaginal infection, etc.), or both.

From the foundation of TCM, it states: "The constitutional energy is endangered when an internalized evil is there,"  The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine.


The Damp Heat Clearing Formula: Long Dan Xie Gan Wan is a powerful herbal combination to promote the liver and colon cleansing process. Damp Heat Clearing is used most often when Lower Burner symptoms appear, and also with some Middle Burner problems; Coptis Root Pills can be added with Upper and Middle Burner symptoms. (Lung infections etc.)This wonderful TCM formula has a long list of applications due to its clearing of meridians associated with the middle and lower burner!

If left unstopped, Candidiasis can enter the blood stream! - This is deadly! It happened to our uncle accompanied with a crippling bleeding kidney infection with stones (From  producing high uric acid) and a leaky gut. - All due to Damp Heat in the middle burner. The western medical system put him on a drip much like chemo. This stopped it for about a week then it came back worse than it was! The docs were talking to him about just accepting that he was dying!   We convinced him to try “Long Dan” and within  two weeks all signs of infection stopped! He has decided to take this formula in small doses the rest of his life! 

Manufactured in China, from the freshest herbs, these Chinese Herbal Medicines save you lots of money and bring you a powerful product! These “Tea pills” are made from fresh herbs which are water and alcohol extracted then concentrated, dried and tumbled into round pills using absolutely no fillers! They are polished only by the tumbling processes leaving you only pure concentrated herbs!

Please note: China has been getting a bad rep due to a lot of corruption lately but please understand there is both evil and good everywhere! (Not excluding our so very corrupt FDA!) Min Shan is made up of extremely health conscious herbal doctors! I have used them for 25 years and they have my complete trust.

Another thing one can do in combination with Long Dan Xie Gan Wan against fungal infections such as Candidiasis is drink a daily cup of a delicious tasting tea made from the inner bark of the Purple Flowering La Pacho Tree. (From Brazil) This is the true Pau d arco/ipe roxo (Tabebulia heptaphylla) which has proven to have a great effect on ridding and preventing Fungal Infections and is very good for the immune system .  

We have a very good source for whole and half pounds of this fresh wonderful medicine/beverage cut just right for brewing!

Long Dan Xie Gan Wan 1 bottle $19.95
Long Dan Xie Gan Wan 4 Pac $64.80 You Save 15.00!
1/2 Pound Pau De Arco "Tea" $11.95

1 Pound Pau De Arco "Tea"  $18.80 - You Save Over $5.00!