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OK, So what do I take, eat, and do for exercise on a regular basis?

Well I’m glad you asked! (Did you see how I did that?)
First of all, please remember, I am me and you are you (How profound!) So this is not necessarily great advice for everybody, only smart people. (Just kidding!)

So what do I do for exercise?

I guess a lot when I think about it!  First of all we (My wife and I) ride our horses almost every day! - And in spite of the fact that we own a ranch  and have many chores with all the horses, cows and upkeep (While running a large herbal business) my wife and I both still run a full mile almost every day around 8:00 AM. 
I am up at 5:00 AM checking the ranch fence and moving horses and cows before going in and preparing herbal formulas and getting orders out. Then at 5:00 PM I get away from that darn computer and all the packaging then go back into “Ranch Mode” and try to maintain this place!

About half the year we also take time to swim everyday in the afternoon (with our dogs) 
I am only sorry there is not more time in the day!  And did I say something about sleep? Wow! Like a rock! However if our dogs bark at something or someone in the night we are up like a private in boot camp!

We are also Christians and are the music ministers at The Cowboy Church Of Benson 

What kind of herbs do I take daily?
My wife and I both take three herbs on a regular basis. They are 
He Shou Wu (Polygonum muiltiflorum) and Jiao Gu Lan (Gynastemma pentaphyllum)  and Wolfberries.  I take a big heaping teaspoon (Sometimes more like a tablespoon) once a day (in the morning) of the He Shou Wu in raw powder form mixed into a smoothie and I take 5 droppers twice daily of Jiao Gu Lan Extract and I eat a handfull of the Wolfberries every morning. 

Once in a while my wife and I take the Blissful Jing Extracts ( Sorry I know! Too Much Information)  
Also about twice a year we take the Ojibwa Tea for two weeks to help clean out any heavy metals.

Now of course on those special days when a very big task is at hand such as having to work all day cutting lots of wood for the winter, I take a tincture of herbs we call 
“Get’er Done” for working energy.

If there is a bit of a flu epidemic around or something, I will be taking the
 Strong Defense capsules (Made from Reshi Mushroom and Astragalus Root Extract) And if I ever really get exposed to something (or feel something coming on) I will take a big “Swig” of Viral Defense twice daily for one or two days. It has never failed me.

There is one other thing I partake of once in awhile that is worth mentioning:
Sometimes I eat a few small pieces of raw Tian Men Dong Root  (tastes good - sweet - chewy ) before bed and have obtained a very good sleep with wonderful peaceful thoughts before falling asleep. Scientifically there must be a center in the brain where these kind of thoughts and feelings are stimulated but I can tell it is not just in the brain! It is a feeling generated in the whole body then transformed into thoughts. There is something special about Tian Men Dong!

Many People Often Ask Me, "Do You Take Any Supplements?

My answer is "No, unless they are whole food!"   However now that Plant Cures has all these great New Organic Whole Food Supplements   at our hands I've been like a kid in a candy store! The following are a few examples of what I have noticed:

I am now very impressed by simply drinking 
Tulsi Tea and feeling so great after a cup in the morning! I have never seen such great results from a simple and good tasting tea before in my life! Strangely the smell and taste of Tulsi Tea remind me alot of the  taste and smell of a not so healthy drink caled "Coca Cola"! (Is that wierd or what?)

I started taking   
"Super Shrooms"
and noticed much more energy the same day I started taking it! This is powerful stuff! Also some of the herbs I take regularly are now in one capsuled supplement called "Life Support" which I am now also taking. 

Most supplements these days are fast becoming nothing more then 
FDA approved isolated pharma-owned Garbage! The system of Whole Natural Supplements in the form of Tonic Herbs is so much more effective for specific problems and for pure radiant health that I just can't belive many people still don't get it! I am glad you and I do!

So what do you eat? Are you a strict vegetarian?

Good Lord No!  I am a rancher, remember? We have chickens and I eat their eggs every other day or so for breakfast. When I don’t eat eggs I have a little organic “Seeds N’ Nuts” whole grain toast with this great natural peanut butter we found.

Also as a mater of fact (Confession time!) we have a bit of a “Cowboy Diet” going on. I raise cattle and we both eat a little to much red meat! (Although it is grass fed organic) This is one reason I take 
Jaio Gu Lan and He Shou Wu every day – keeps the cholesterol and HDL/LDL protein binders healthy  and has some preventative anti-cancer action)  

However, we do try to make up for it. About twice a week we have meals (Actually, whole days) that are all 100% vegetarian from our own organic garden. 
The steaks and meat we eat are from animals we know were raised organicaly. Most of our meals are usually cooked outside on mesquite wood and eaten outdoors too. (We love our outdoor Grill with a little TV and everything - "Baja Bennie's Hidaway" as it is called

Everything is always accompanied with a fresh organic mixed green salad smothered with my wife’s home made dressing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and lots of Fresh Crushed Garlic. (There are always lots of onions and tomatoes from our garden in the salad also)

By the way, I think one reason we are both blessed with great health is the fact that my wife uses fresh crushed garlic in just about everything she makes! She always uses that garlic press! Nothing else would ever even be considered!

Another reason I think we are blessed with good health is our habit of eating live cultured yogurt smothered with organic blueberries, strawberries, and-or rasberries every night. We are addicted!

A big word of caution about Genetic Modified Foods!

We try to be very VERY CAREFUL! We eat all organic produce! No telling what kind of health damage will soon be showing up from people eating  this unnatural garbage! Please see article on Monsantos GMOs here.

By the way, I stay away from bottled water. The water we drink is from our own well 650 feet below the surface. It is straight from the tap mineral rich delicious water from down deep where Gods earth keeps it clean! We are so blessed to have this water!

Do either of you take any pharmaceutical drugs?

Are you kidding? Not a one! I would rather die if anyone could ever successfully force them on me. There is no reason on earth to ever take them for any health concern when there is everything you need in the natural.  Maybe I would take something like morphine if I lost a leg or something in a traumatic accident but even then I would want the real stuff made from the opium poppy, which is still (to some extent) plant medicine!

 I hope this information will be inspirational to some. I know some will say, “but we live in the city, we can’t do all that”  Well I would strongly suggest considering getting your goals and priorities geared to changing your lifestyle as much as possible which may include moving to the country at some point in your life! Cities are toxic places which can gain control of your health both psychologically and physically.  

You have to use, live, love, and respect the life and the temple God gave you to the fullest and you have to love all of those other "nasty ol’ humans" out there too! (But that gets easier every day!