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A Hard Working TCM formula For Lyme Disease
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lyme disease is treated as toxic fire. These toxins must be extinguished! 
Please note: The descriptions below are from the Traditional Chinese and or "Folk Medicine" use of  herbs provided for information and not intended to replace advice from a medical doctor or to replace any drugs that are FDA approved. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lyme disease is treated as toxic fire. These fire toxins are treated with extreme heat clearing herbs. (See contents of "Cleat Toxic Heat" below) From the western point of view, fire toxins include aggressive entities such as bacterial and viral infections but are not limited to them. They can be amoebic parasites and even just  toxins of chemical nature or metal particles.  Likewise, from a western point of view, the heat clearing herbs have been proven to have a very effective anti-viral and antibacterial action as well as a “cleansing of the blood” effect on other small particles. However this western microscopic view did not come into place until about 3,000 years after the Chinese started treating conditions of toxic fire with these herbs.  (Adult female deer tick at left) 

Whenever a deceased MS-patient’s brain is autopsied, Borrelia Burgdorferi spirochetes (Shown above) are found. MS responds positively to TCM antibiotic herb protocols that penetrate the blood-brain barrier. One of these protocols uses “Clear Toxic Fire” used against Lyme Disease (Caused by the same Borrelia Burgdorferi spirochete) 
Clearing The Toxic Fire (Killing The Bacterium)

Based on the best of TCM protocols, Plant Cures developed “Clear Toxic Heat” as the anti-toxin or “fire quenching agent” These amazing herbs have been successfully used against fire toxins such as malaria, pneumonia, diphtheria, septic angina, typhoid fever and others.

The 6 herbs in "Clear Toxic Heat" are: 
Chuan xin lian - Andrographis paniculate (a very effective anti-toxin heat clearing herb with anti-spirochetal action in particular)

Huang Lian - Coptis chinensis (Anti-toxin heat clearing)
Jin Yin Hua - Flos Lonicerae japonicae 
(Anti-toxin heat clearing)
Da Qing Ye - Folium Isatidis 
(Anti-toxin heat clearing)
Ban Zhi Lian - Scutellaria barbata;Herba 
(Anti-toxin heat clearing)
Tu Fu Ling -  Smilax glabra; Rhizoma 
(Anti-spirochetal action)

Dosage should be 2-3 capsules 3 times daily for 2 weeks - then take a week off and start again. Can be taken long term (3-6 months) in this way. 

1 Bottle Clear Toxic Heat $29.95 (7-10 dsy supply) 

Clear Toxic Heat 3 Pack $75.85  You save $14.00 (21-30 day supply)