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Tonic Herbs For The Lungs

Heaven Chi By Plant Cures

Heaven Chi is formulated to help with the vital functions of the lungs which in turn will help with all of the vital functions in the body!

The term, “Heaven Chi” is actually the first chi or flowing energy we receive at birth with our very first breath of air. We continue to use this Heaven Chi or “Chi From the Air” all our lives. Heaven Chi is the Chi that ignites all other Chi such as “Earth Chi” or “Digestive Chi” that converts nutrients into oxygen rich blood.

Most people develop major energy from this action and a few use this formula for that very reason. It can be excellent for runners.

The herbs in this very effective formula all work together to help clear the lungs of phlegm, moisten the membranes, improve respiratory efficiency, and improve the immuno-competence of the respiratory system. It can somewhat rejuvenate lungs that have been scarred from smoking or from chronic lung infections and asthma. This formula will help with basic vital energy that is lost from low blood oxygen.

Herbs in formula are: Tien Men Dong (Chinese Wild Asparagus Root) Huang Jing, (Siberian Solomon Seal) Wu Wei Zi, (Schisandra)  Ci Wu Jia, (Siberian Ginseng) Cyperus, and Citrus Extracted into 40% food alcohol.

As a result of better lung function many other systems in the body are greatly improved such as the skin. For example, the herb, Tian Men Dong in the formula is considered a major kidney tonic as well as a major lung tonic which is the reason it will make your skin beautiful as the lungs, with proper moisture from good kidney function, will feed the moisture to your skin in perfect balance.Another amazing Lung Yin and JingTonic herb in the formula is Huang Jing.

It does not take long to see that Keeping our “Air Chi” or “Heaven Chi” working at it’s best is a true key to overall health!

Heaven Chi 4 oz - $29.95
Heaven Chi 16 oz - $89. 80 You save $30.00!