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    The  Superior Chinese Tonic Herbs

Our Sheng Di Qi  (Meaning Energy From The Creator/Father) single tonic herb and tonic herbal formula products are the result of many years of experiencing and observing the changes in vital lives from people taking these amazing herbs.

The Superior Tonic Herbs are not used to treat specific diseases or disorders, yet such things as Week Sore Knees, Poor Eyesigt, Low Sexual Energy, Impotence, Infertility, High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Numbers, Obesity, General Week Vitality, even Gray Hair and many other things that plague many of us are often completely cured by these Superior Tonic Herbs.

Please See "Understanding Chinese Tonic Herbs"
     Though you will see many others, below are the nine tonic herbs we consider priority in life.
  He Shou Wu      Jiao Gu Lan      Tian Men Dong     Wu Wei Zi 
  Ci Wu Ja     Gou Qi Zi     Dan Shen    Ling Zhi      Huang Qi

Athletic Performance
Cholesterol Concerns


Endocrine Glands

Growth and Development

Happiness of Mood

Healthy Hair

Healthy Heart
Healthy Kidneys
Healthy Liver
Healthy Lungs
Healthy Skin
Immune System
Longevity – General Health
Mental Concentration
Sexual Energy
Weight Loss
Working Energy
At left you will find categories and areas that Tonic Herbs and combinations can address in your life. Please use this as a guideline to the products that best suit your lifestyle and needs. To see a list of all Chinese Tonic Herbs go here 

You will discover that many single tonic herbs work for a combanation of things such as beauty, healthy hair, strong sexual energy and resistance to disease! (Some of the products may not be this Sheng Di Qi series but all will incorperate true tonic herbs)

To see a full list of tonic herbs and to gain a much better understanding of how to use
Chinese tonic herbs to obtain maximum health and longevity, read "Understanding Chinese Tonic Herbs" by going here.   you should understand the three main human life functions that Chinese tonic herbs address. These are called The Three TreasuresThese treasures are called Jing, Qi and Shen.   

As you get to know tonic herbs you will see that many things you thought were just "Normal problems of aging" are things that Chinese Tonic Herbs seem to work best for: 

In my own case I seemed to be suffering from a lot of knee pain. (Just couldn't go up and down stairs like I used to) So about three years ago I started taking the tonic herb known as He Shou Wu, on a regular basis. Whithin one week I did not have the problem. It seems to be getting even beter over the years now and I can run up and down stairs like a kid again! This is but one example of Chinese Tonic Herbs at work. (I wish it helped my gray hair a little better! It did darken it in the back quite a bit though. According to my wife it is the dark brown color it was 30 years ago in the back)