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The advantages of  tinctures, extract powders and raw powders:

We have always agreed that tinctures are probably the most efficient and quick acting blood-absorbable way one can benefit from herbs. We have also had a lot of requests to offer more of our products in tincture form. As a result, we are in the process of making more and more of our previously only powdered and encapsulated products now available in tinctures.


Our tinctures are made right here at Plant Cures from fresh (or freshly dried) raw plants extracted into an alcohol/water base (Usually about 40% (80 proof) alcohol as the effective solvent) The raw herbs are packed tightly into ½ gallon “Mason jar” type containers and thoroughly soaked with this solution.

They are allowed to soak for 2-3 weeks before poring off the finished plant extraction.

We tincture only one type of herb in each jar and then, if called for, combine the extracts in there correct proportions from separate tinctures for making our formulas.

At left are the two herbs in our Strong Defense formula in front of the jars is Ling Zhi


There are a number of reasons why alcohol tinctures work so well as the deliverer for herbal medicine. The unfortunate result of extreme abuse of alcohol (cirrhosis of the liver) suggests that alcohol is carried directly to the liver before it is broken down. The liver then delivers it quickly to the bloodstream (Which can be felt in the brain as “drunkenness” if we take two much) Of course the brain is not the only place it is delivered. Our bloodstream quickly takes it to our entire organ system.


A very good example of utilizing the very fast “liver delivered” healing action of tinctures is in our “Viral Defense”  (Seen at right)

In the case of herbal tinctures, the alcohol quickly brings the plant’s wonderful natural phytochemicals right along with it as the delivery package. This would explain why a glass or two of wine (Or other small amount of alcohol) can be good for the body as long as it is taken along with good healthy food. One must also realize that If taken with unhealthy food alcohol can carry the “unhealthiness” quickly to the bloodstream as well (Of course they don’t tell you that on TV)


Also tinctures preserve the plant chemistry by locking the molecules of the plant in with the alcohol and as long as the cap is kept tight, these tinctures can be just as potent as they were when new for 100 years or more!


We do, of course, realize that if you are taking a large amount of separate tonic herbs (Say 6 herbs) in tincture form at full dose all at the same time the total alcohol content of each dose (About a teaspoon each) can add up. (6 teaspoons is equivalent to a small (1 oz) shot of 80 proof brandy. This is fine in the evening but not necessarily a great thing in the morning when tonic herbs are usually taken. In this case we recommend you take one or two of those tonic herbs you want to get to your system the fastest in tincture form (Say if you want to benefit from Siberian Ginseng for a work out) and take the others in powder form. (All of which can be mixed together into water, juice or a morning “smoothie”)



Full spectrum 5:1 concentrated powdered extracts:

Our full spectrum 5:1 powdered plant extracts are (As 5:1 suggests) five times as strong as the fresh raw plant powder would be. This is accomplished by extracting at very low heat in an alcohol/water solution and reducing this liquid down to a solid state. This still leaves the plant in its whole balanced chain of natural chemicals without isolating or concentrating one more than another. (Hence the word, “full-spectrum”)


These powdered extracts are the same powder we put into capsules for convenience but taking the extract powder dissolved in liquid is the most body-efficient and by far the most economical way. (We are offering more and more of our encapsulated products in both tinctures and extract powders to help save you money)



Fine Raw Powder:

On a few items (Such as our He Shou Wu) you will also see the availability in raw powder form. This is sometimes the best way to take some herbs as they just seem to function best by letting the body’s digestion do the extracting.


In the case of He Shou Wu, some people do best with tincture while some people do best with 5:1 extract powder while still others do best with the raw powder. I personally take the raw powder in a smoothie in the morning and the tincture at night. He Shou Wu, by the way, this  is my personal favorite tonic herb. It has restored so much movement in my body. Especially my knees.


I also take He Shou Wu daily in the formula called Life Support as it seems to synergistically work very well with Siberian Ginseng, Gotu Kola, and Wolfberry extract powders. 


Another example of a great working raw powder (In formula) would be Clean Sweep capsules. These laxative herbs seem to work best in the raw powder form or in tincture form which will be available soon