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 Plant Cures Whole Health Supplements:

With over three years in the preparation, Plant Cures is finally revealing what we think is the finest and healthiest collection of whole food nutritional products to ever appear on the planet. These products are all organic, naturally brought about and most importantly, from whole natural creations of God with nothing synthesized or isolated.  
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Natural Resveratrol!

We now have Natural Resveratrol Extract from  Japanese Knotweed. 
This is pure 5:1 concentrated extract powder.
This is closely related to He Shou Wu but has amazing amounts of Resveratrol!  Sold in single 100 gram
jars or save big on 10 jar kilos.

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Tumeric Max

Organic Tumeric Root plus 30% 5:1Organic Tumeric Root Extract Concentrate with 5 times The Curcuminoids (Potent plant based nutrients that contain the powerful antioxidant properties)

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Super Shrooms
Contains 5:1 extracts of the three most powerful tonic mushrooms in the world; Cordyceps, Ling Zhi, (Red Reishi) and Poria  (Fu Ling) Used for powerful tonic health suporting the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, sexual energy, and the immune system

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Plant Cures Organic Tulsi Tea
Often called "Sacred" or "Holy" Basil, Tulsi is the principle herb of  India's  holistic health system.

Plant Cures Organic
Tulsi Tea is extremely rich in antioxidants, considered a true adaptogen and is currently being studied for its amazing beneficial properties.
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Chinese Tonic Herbs
With over 9,000 TCM herbs only about 50 belong to the class of Superior Tonic Herbs.
Discover the key to:
Radiant Health, Beauty, Longevity and better primal Function.

See all our "Sheng Di Qi" Tonic Herbal Supplements
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Life Support

Contains the four best adaptogenic and rejuvenating Chinese Tonic Herbs known to man In 5:1 Extract:  Qi Berries, Guta Kola, Siberian Ginseng and He Shou Wu. 
Designed by Chris Gussa at Plant Cures for super support of the whole body. You'll feel it!
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CV Ultimate Now Here!
Formulated from the heart and for the heart by Plant Cures using  whole plant extracts for ultimate cardiovascular health and function.

This is so much better for your heart then isolated suplaments such as CO-Q-10! Be sure to read abot this one!
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