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My Statement Of Faith

I believe that God created the heavens and the earth and all that exists. God is the creator of all things. All creation was His plan and done by His loving hand. (Mostly just for us) 


I believe that God created the earth with a great firmament surrounding it causing a barometric pressure that was quite different than that of today. I believe this was why man could live to be as old as 900 years then and why great beasts such as dinosaurs could survive. I believe the earth is only 10,000 -15,000 years old. NOT MILLIONS OF YEARS. (Please note I could be wrong on this time thing - It is just the way I read it. I tend to take the Bible literally) However it does not make any difference with God's plan for our salvation)


I believe that as a result of man’s sin, God removed the earth’s firmament causing it to rain down for the first time. I believe God instructed Noah to build the ark as mentioned in the Bible and that as a result many species of animals we’re saved from this flood. 


As a result of this firmament being destroyed, things would now rot and ferment, there was now pestilence and we could not live to be much older than 120 years in this new environment. Man had been cursed and chastised with blessings removed but GOD STILL LOVED US!.


 I believe that we were originaly created as vegetarians but now as a result of sin and the raining down of the firmament we must now sometimes eat meat for proper nourishment.    


I believe that in the beginning was the Word (Who was Jesus) and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Therefore, I believe in the trinity of God as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This trinity has been in place forever and no part of it (Including Jesus) was ever created by anyone. He was simply always here. However the angels, including Satan ARE created beings. 

I believe, however, that (again because of our sins) Jesus came to earth for a short time in human form as God’s ultimate sacrifice. I believe that when this happened, Jesus was born to earth of a virgin named Marry and that JESUS IN THE FLESH became the final sacrifice for our sins as he died on the cross. This final sacrifice is the one and only thing man can accept for his eternal salvation. Nothing else will ever work. Remember, God did not punish us this time but instead sent Jesus, his only son to save us.


To accept this final sacrifice we must confess our sins and ask Jesus to forgive us and to live in our hearts forever. It is a very simple prayer but can not be said as if you were quoting an oath. You must realize it with all your heart and soul and turn and face God and truly ask Him to forgive you. He stands ready and willing for all of us to be forgiven but you must come to this by your own heart. Just admit you are a sinner and tell God you know He is the only thing that can cleanse your sin. Then believe with all your heart that Jesus died on the cross and rose again. He did this for you and for all the sinners of this world. (which is everyone) This and only this will save you from an eternity of hell.


This only way of eternal salvation through Jesus is why the gospel must be preached to the whole earth and also why we should never fear preaching it to anyone but always rejoice in the chance to do it.