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    "Super Shrooms" From Plant Cures 

Take my word for it, Supershrooms will make a healthy and noticeable difference in your life and the balance of your whole body. These three work together like a Super Team!
(Made From 5:1 Full Spectrum Consentrated Extracts)

I have seen "tonic mushroom combos" containing as many as 18 varieties! This can look great on paper but the wasted space and small tonic effect (So very little of each) really defeats the whole purpose of True Working Natural Medicine. Plant Cures has always tried to find the very best working combination of plants with the very least amount of varieties for three very important reasons:

A: To make sure there is room in the formula for enough of the truly best working plants at the working volume needed of each plant. 

B. To avoid possibilities of allergic reaction to useless ingredients.

C. To employ a true working plan of how the plants will support each other as a team with everything working like a component in a “machine” Not a contest of how many things can be recklessly thrown together to look good on paper.

These 3 mushrooms are carefully planned to work as a unit with each one working to promote the other's function. Let’s take a look at each mushroom's benefits and the way they support each other starting with the most amazing: 

 Red Reishi: 
"Mushroom of Spiritual Potency"

The Red Reishi mushroom, also known as Ganoderma and by its Chinese name Ling Zhi Hong, has an unparalleled reputation in the Orient as the ultimate herbal substance . For over three thousand years it has been the most sought-after product of nature. It used to be very expensive. Only in the last fifteen years have we seen the organic cultivation of Reishi and the commercial availability of this amazing health product from nature.

( I can't help but notice, "While big pharma is getting so deadly our Healthy Natural Medicines are comming on so strong !")

Reishi is used to build energy, It is famous as an herb used to build the immune system. Many studies done in Japan have shown Reishi to have a powerful effect on the body’s overall resistance to disease. It strengthens the heart and lungs in a very big way.

It is also known to help calm the mind, ease tension, strengthen the nerves, improve memory, sharpen concentration and focus, build will power and, as a result, help build wisdom. That is why it is called the "Mushroom of Spiritual Potency" in China. 

                               The Amazing Cordyceps!

Ma Jia Jun, created a simple all herbal formula, based on Cordyceps for the China National Women’s Track Team. As a result of their taking this formula, the women of this team came to dominate the world track scene for more than two years. The members of the team broke many world records, most of which they still hold. During their reign, they were accused of taking steroids or other illegal drugs, since their rise to dominance was so quick.  However all drug testing proved negative. No trace of any illegal substances were detected in their blood.

Cordyceps is very widely used for strengthening the primal kidney functions, which include sexual functions, brain power, structural integrity and healing ability. It is a very powerful Yang tonic but holds powerful Yin as well. (So it is safe for anyone to take)

Consistent use of Cordyceps helps to strengthen the skeletal structure, and specifically benefits the lower back region, the knees and ankles. It is used for backache due to injury, fatigue, stress or simple aging.

Cordyceps is also a major Lung tonic. It can be used to strengthen respiratory power in those who require extra energy in order to perform extra physical work or it can be used by those who suffer from deficiency of lung power. It is especially beneficial to those who suffer chronic lung weakness with cough, wheezing or shortness of breath.

                                 Poria - Fu Ling: The Great Absorber

Poria or "Fu Ling" (Which grows on the roots of pine trees) is traditionally used in China as a Qi tonic to benefit the internal organs and in particular the spleen. As a spleen tonic it has the wonderful much needed effect on helping the body absorb nutrients to aid in the building of many cells. This absorbing factor also helps the other mushrooms  reach their full potential in the body.

Another great function is that it balances the fluids in the body sending them where they belong when they are needed. It can be somewhat diuretic when your body has edema or needs to move water. This will help with detoxification as well as balance of spleen, kidney, lung, liver, and heart in a very big way.

Fu Ling is also calming to the mind and helps with getting the level of sleep that few experience at the end of the day. (Although it helps keeps you awake and alert during the day) In this way Fu Ling gives your body a true rejuvenating function that nothing else can, Really! No fool-ling!

As I said, Take my word for it, Supershrooms will make a healthy and very noticeable difference in your life and the balance of your whole body!

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