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The Amazing Healing Powers Of Shilajit Fulvic Acid and 85 Minerals From The Himalayan Mountains
 This Is The Most Nutrient Rich Natural Substance On Earth

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Shilajit was discovered as Himalayan villagers were observing white monkeys migrate to the mountains in the warm summer months. These monkeys were seen to be chewing a semi-soft substance that flowed from between layers of rock. The villagers attributed the monkey's great strength, longevity and wisdom to the strange substance. They began to consume it themselves and experienced great improvement in health, strength, wisdom and longevity.

This is one mineral-rich natural substance!
Shilajit is a natural source for all of the minerals required by the body. There is hardly any function of the body which is not supported by Shilajit. It is used for nourishment and as a natural support for renewing vitality & physical strength. It provides unique sexual vitality and helps transport nutrients deep into the tissue. It also removes deep-seated toxins.

At right is the dried raw resin before it is made into purifide extract powder.

Shilajit contains 85 minerals as well as Humic acid and contains amazing amounts of completely body-usable Fulvic acids. (20% Fulvic acids in our purified extract)

Think of the Fulvic acid in Shilajit as the great transferring substance and the 85 minerals as the best ready-absorbable colloidal nutrients available on earth. Fulvic acid is part of the soil content that transfers nutrients to the plants. Likewise the liver utilizes it to transfer nutrients to our body’s cells.  And those 85 absorbable colloidial minerals? Well they’re just there in case you forgot to feed your body everything it needs for perfect health!

Some companies are claiming that their Shilajit contains "60% or more Fulvic acid" which is entirely based on judgments and without any scientific analysis. To get 60% Fulvic acid the extraction ratio would have to go beyond 100:1 which is beyond imagination. You would also lose most of the minerals in the process so it would be pointless.

Our extract capsules only require about 1/4 gram each for amazing results. Because of this our capsules use Slippery Elm and Fu Ling 5:1 extract as fillers which also works as a wonderful aid in enhancing is the absorbtion of the Shilajit. It only requires 1-2 of these capsules twice daily.  One bottle is a 2 week supply at the high dose of 2 capsules twice daily or 4 weeks at the lower dose. Shelf life can be up to 5 years or more if lid is kept tight and stored in a cool place.

Longevity is the key word with Shilajit!

Longevity is the key word with Shilajit and it is somewhat comparable to He Shou Wu in this way. In fact, many TCM herbalists say the combanation of Shilagit with He Shou Wu is the best way to a long and healthy life.

The Chinese herbalists say, "it can be taken with herbal formulas to extend and magnify the results. It causes the body to better absorb anything that is good for it!"

100 Gram Purified Extract Powder Jars shown at right:

This is an extreamly powerful pure consintrated substance and does not contain the filler herbs as the capsules do. There is no need to ever take more than one gram daily (1/2 gram twice daily) so even at this very high dose, each jar is a 100 day supply!

This extract can be disolved in warm water. Also If taken in warm milk
It helps provide the unique sexual vitality found in Shilajit. Shelf life can be up to 5 years or more if lid is kept tight and stored in a cool place.

Some of the other benefits of Shilajit are:

It is helpful in nervous disorders such as paralysis, etc.

It is effective for depression, mental stress and epilepsy.

It promotes intelligence by promoting mental concentration thereby enhancing learning skills. 

It is effective in abdominal disorders including pain, gastritis, indigestion and constipation and is healing in piles and fistula.

It clears deep rooted toxins and helps purify the blood due to its anti-microbial action

We all need Shilajit! This is the most nutrient rich natural substance on earth!