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The Herbs in our Jing Formulas:

The three sexual tonics: "Blissful Jing For Her", "Blissful Jing For Him" and "Jing Essence" (All designed here at Plant Cures) were born out of research into the Chinese tonic herbs for long life, enrichingChi, promoting blood flow and most importantly building sexual pleasure, desire, and enhancing the energy of the primal jing channels.

Our new revised more powerful herbal formula for our Jing products.

Although there is a wide variety of herbs that all have great potential to somewhat raise the yang sexual function and primal essence in males and females, we can not possibly use them all.  If we did there would be so very little room for each that the truly potent ones would be almost useless.


It has always been the concept at Plant Cures to formulate by using only the herbs that get the job done best. Yes, often it requires a few different herbs but simply adding all the ones that are known to help with a particular function would not leave room for anything but very small amounts of each one used. In this way less truly becomes more.


After truly making a long study of which herbs work best and work together best it now comes down to only four truly high potency herbs with a fifth added to the female version due to its rare strong affinity for the female system in particular.


These herbs in Blissful Jing For Him are Suo Yang, Yin Yang Huo, Bu Gu Zhi, Shan Zho Yu and the herb added for the female system in Blissful Jing For Her is Zi Xie.  The Jing Essense formula now contains two herbs being a large dose of pure Suo Yang extract (5:1) with a smaller part Shan Zho Yu extract (5:1) to suport the Yin Jing.

Please note: "For Him" or "For Her" will work for either sex so if you only have one product and wish to "split it" it will work just fine for both of you. "For Her" will just help add a little moisture for the female and the extra herb (Zi Xie) does not supply any female hormones so males need not worry about taking it.


Is there a single "most potent" herb in these formulas?


Yes there is and that herb would be Suo Yang.  We use almost twice as much of this as the other herbs but the other herbs combined complete the job needed to boost all the sexual functions needed to truly supply libido, desire,  blood flow (To the right places in both male and female) sexual fluids needed (In both male and female) and the energy to carry out the sexual act comfortably for as long (or as short) of a time as needed.  And best of all, with this new revised formula there is so much more room for these herbs to operate in their full potency dosage.


How These Formulas Work:

As explained on the page, 
"How Chinese Medicine Works" the herbs with the exact opposite energy of the patients particular organ system (element) are used to achieve balance and wellness. Also if you read about The Three Tresures you will see just what these herbs are addressing!

In the case of the water element (kidneys and reproductive system) most imbalances are usually of a deficient nature. Sometimes deficient yin, sometimes deficient yang and sometimes both. Sometimes a person will have an excess of either yin or yang and very rarely, an excess of both! If someone even had just a good balance of both they would, among other things, have a very healthy sex drive!

The water element  carries the "Jing" or essence of life The Jing is the most important pattern in our bodies, carrying with it, our development and our reproductive energies.  Through the use of herbs such as blood tonics, chi tonics Kidney Yin and yang tonics, est. the body’s jing is amplified and supported.

How it all began centuries ago:  

Through the centuries Chinese herbal doctors would occasionally see a patient with the  "Rare Excess of Both Kidney Yin and Kidney Yang". Many of these patients would "live for sex". (We have a lot of colorful names for these people today)  The Chinese Doctors found this overindulgence in "affairs of the bedroom" to be un-healthy, injuring the Jing, and resulting in lumbago, dizziness and general weakness of vitality.

One of the doctor’s choices would be to encourage the patient to have less sex! ( Never a popular request! ) Besides, to reduce both the yin and yang of the jing could be harmful and there are really no safe herbs to do this! (There are only herbs to bring up the yin or yang of the kidneys to correct the deficiency)

So over the centuries many doctors would have to find a way to re-harmonize the patient, (along with there spouses) by building up the chi and blood flow of the jing so he and she could sustain a high amount of sexual activity. 

This is how and why the "Sex Tonics" were born. It was not out of lust! They also discovered that an enriched sex life between couples brought more harmony and happiness (along with good health) now that they could sustain it.

Are these tonics good for us?


A very interesting discovery also happened in the fact that many of those who took these tonics achieved a very long life, good eyesight and healthy beautiful skin through there old age. Longevity was much prized by the Chinese and with the "side effect" of beautiful skin, good eyesight and strong sex energy, these tonics were much in demand by the wealthy. The emperors (Many with 30-50 wives) and governors and high society paid a large price for these tonics who's formulas we're kept secret by the enterprising herbal doctors.


In short, when you bring the kidney yin and yang up to the max and support it with chi and blood moving tonics and blend all these herbs with specific male or female jing-essence herbs, you have built a stronger jing channel which not only gives us more sexual energy, pleasure and desire but more of all the vital essences of life!