Herbal-Cure.jpgWe produuce natural herbal medicine for humans and animals of all sizes. We are the orginators of the legendary Viral Defense and other formulas known throughout the world to work hard and fast.  We are a family owned business since 1990.   
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The Amazing Plant Cures Healing  Formulas! 

  All our current Plant Cures Products are listed below:

Our Herbs For Viral and Bacterial Infections:
The Original Viral Defense

There is nothing else like this. Simply put this stuff works! In many cases it can stop the flu or other viral infections over night if cought early. It can also battle many more kinds of serous viral attacks over time. 

Viral Defense has been the major product of Plant Cures since 1992.

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Plant Cures Coptis Caps

Often called "Chinese Penicillin" and for many very good reasons! This can stop many bacterial infections, even those with
 an amoebic condition that is accompanying the infection. It also has a powerful affinity for the lungs, stomach and spleen and can help other herbal medicines work much more efficiently in these arias. Coptis is also very effective for skin presenting with boils, carbuncles, suppurative sores or localized infections.

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Our Herbs For Heart Problems and High Blood Pressure:

 Dan Shen - For Heart Disorders

In a 5:1 extract powder this is a truly remarkable herb! Serous heart problems such as angina, arrhythmias, repeated episodes of "A-Fib" and other heart disorders can actually be eliminated with a single whole herb called Salvia miltiorrhiza known in 
 as Dan Shen. This is accomplished safely and remarkably fast.

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"Haws Heart Rite"

A tinctured combination of Hawthorn and Siberian Gensing that can strengthen the heart to keep things working right while bringing up your energy and in many cases will lower blood pressure quite well by itself. It can be taken with Eucommia Compound for high blood pressure and the two work out very well together to protect the heart. This is in tincture only now but will soon be in capsual form as well.

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DuZhong.JPG Eucommia Compound - For High Blood Pressure

This is based on the traditional Chinese formula, "Compound Cortex Eucommiae" Which is for some reason not available any longer in the Chinese herb market. However Plant cures has produced a much more powerful supper safe version of this famous hard working formula in 5:1 extract powder capsules. It does not have the toxic yellow dye as did the old patent tablets. Also it is much stronger and you need only 3 capsules insted of the 5 large yellow tablets.

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   Our Powerful Tonic herbs and formulas for overall health and longevity

He Show Wu - For Longevity and Premature Gray Hair

He Shou Wu Root is a powerful Kidney and Liver Tonic. It's very action of restoring gray hair back to color is testimony to this.  Some people (Though it does not work for everybody) have seen their gray hair completely return to color from using He Shou Wu. However there are a whole host of  more important health benefits surrounding this incredible tonic herb.  Weak painful knees are another sign of kidney deficiency as is lower back pain and low sexual energy. He Shou Wu is quite often the answer to these things!

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Tian Men Dong - Used as an amazing single herb for women!

Many Chinese women consider Tian Men Dong a powerful sexual stimulant. It is also known that long term use of Tien Men Dong will make the skin soft and smooth. This all suggests it has a powerfull plant estrogen-like substance within it but since we can make no claims on this, I guess we won't!

This really works! Please check into it.

 Life Flow For Prostate Problems In Men and General Health

General Health Tonic For male and female but also "The Perfect Prostate Formula For Men"? Yes we think so!

Traditionaly used by men (contains no hormones) for chronic prostatitis, prostate enlargement and benign prostatic hypertrophy but also used by both men and women as one of the finest all-round tonics for the Immune system, blood, kidneys, liver, Qi and just feeling your best!

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Siberian Gensing - For working energy

Also known as Acanthopanax and Eleutherococcus, the root of this plant helps provide the long term energy and the ability to cope with very difficult stress that is so often needed in many everyday walks of life. 

I personaly use this tinctured herb quite often on those Arizona days that are over 100 degrees when I need to work outside. I can tell you it is a life saver on those days!  On the other hand, many people that live in cold areas have told me it is a life saver to them in coping with extreme cold when they have to work out in those conditions.

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Our herbs and formulas used for high cholesterol, plaque and blood fat:

"Low Chol" Used for High Cholesterol

The herbs in "Low Chol" that help move and thin blood without stopping the clotting factor are 
Tien Qi and Dan Shen together with the amazing herb that gets rid of blood-fat and plaque as well as prevent and stop oxidation called Jiao Gu Lan. These herbs are a true powerhouse in preventing heart attacks and keeping healthy blood.  This is exactly how and why we developed Low Chol. This has worked out very well for many people.

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Jiao Gu Lan - Lowers Blood-fat and Cholesterol

Jiao Gu Lan lowers blood-fat, making many fatty tumbers shrink or just plane go away! As for its "Cholesterol Lowering" Abilities: Jiao Gu Lan lowers total cholesterol ( The numbers), LDL , and raises HDL . More than 20 papers have been published on the subject with effectiveness reported as ranging from 67 to 93%. It also inhibits platelet aggregation which lessens the chance of a stroke or heart attack.

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Our Herbs for the Immune System:

"Strong Defense" Used to boost immune wheen needed

This combanation of Ling Zi (The Red "Reishi" Mushroom) and Huang Chi (Chinese Astragalus Root) in highly concentrated extract powder is the best thing I have ever seen for disease prevention!


This is great to take while traveling, before getting on a plane or just being at airports and other arias of "incoming" germs. Perfect for protection during those flu epidemics in local communities and can be taken long term.  Remember this is not for taking when you are sick but to keep you from getting sick!

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Our Herbs for Gall Bladder and Kidney Stones:

"Stone Free" Used To Disolve Gall Bladder and Kidney Stones
 Plant Cures used to produce both "Stone Free G"  (Pure Coin Grass known as Jin Can Cao) tincture used mostly for gall stones at the time. We had another product called "Stone Free K" which had the addition of gravel root. We thought Gravel Root would help to direct the coin grass better to the kidney stones but found that the Coin Grass has the amazing ability to disolve both gallstones and kidney stones equally. This takes a few days but in most cases it does the job well for either type stone.  Result:  Pure Jin Can Cao is best for both type stones. So from now on it is simply "Stone Free"

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Our Herbs for Weight Loss
The Original "Diet Tea Caps"

This formula helps burn fat in the blood and balance the blood cholesterol while helping to prevent diabetes, helps throw off water soluble fat through the urine while keeping the kidneys in good health, and helps eliminate many forms of fat through the bowels as the fat is being broken up in many ways. This fat can often be seen in the stool as a yellowy or clear mucus. 

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                                 More to come soon!