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Please note we can only ship to USA addreses!

Aging (Problems Of)

Amoebic, Bacterial And Other Infections


Bladder Problems 

Bleeding Issues


Bacterial, Amoebic And Other Infections

Blood Pressure (High)

Cholesterol (High)

Colds and Flu






Gray Hair

Heart Disease


Immune System 

Knee Weakness and Pain

Liver Clense 

Lyme Disease

Prostate Problems


Traumatic Injuries

Viral Diseases

Weight loss

Just click on the health concerns to the left to see our Hand Crafted Herbal Medicine Products.

The health concerns to the left are only listed as a reference to the traditional Chinese or traditional folk medicine use of herbs or herbal combinations. This is not a claim that our products can cure, treat, prevent, or diagnose any disease
Rest assured! You will find NONE of our products are 
FDA approved

Would you trust us at all if they were?

Although we cannot guarantee that every product will work for you perfectly, (This is imposible because everyone is different) we can guarantee that the quality of the raw plant material used in our products is from certified organic grown or from clean environment wild harvested plants.  

Also any processing is totally whole and natural.
We have a wide range of products! Our remedies, single herbs, combinations, liquid extracts, tinctures, powders, salves or "teas" have all been used with great success for many years.  

Our capsules are all 100% Kosher Certified and yes, our tinctures and liquid extracts are all made with 40% food alcohol as the solvent.  


The Chinese herbs we use are wild harvested or small farm grown in China far away from any major cities. They are laboratory tested for all heavy metals in the USA by a third party. (If even 2 parts per million show they are not used) They are preserved only by shipping in double packed nitrogen filled bags. No sulfites are ever used and they are protected from ever being irradiated. It sounds hard to believe but this turns out even better than many of the "Certified Organic" herbs sold and grown here in the US!


For security reasons we can not provide monetary refunds (As we could never fully trust anything that came back to us to be free of contaminants and therefore could not re-sell them to our customers)  

However, If a product is defective such as  leaking or other defect or if we sent the wrong product by mistake, just let us know and we will promptly replace it free of charge and remember, there is no need to EVER return any products as we could not re-sell them anyway.

The customer assumes full responsibility for any adverse reactions to any herbs as we can not possibly know everyone's background. We do not advise anyone to take herbs if they are also taking any sort of pharmaceutical drug on a regular basis.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.