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Ligusticum_porteri-2.jpgMy Quest For Healing Through Medicinal Plants 
(How and Why I Became an Herbalist)

I am Truly Blessed to Be Alive! 

I have not always been healthy. I never smoked but I was a working musician (working in smoke filled bars) from very early in my life.
What started my quest was my Viral Pneumonia.  It would reoccur often. There was a secondary bacterial infection that always seemed to develop so they gave me large doses of penicillin. This would stop it for awhile but it returned with a vengeance! My immune system was getting very compromised.


Once a doctor I saw while traveling said, "we don't have much we can do for the virus and you are going to lose your immune system entirely if we keep giving you this much penicillin. I am not supposed to say this but have you ever looked into medicinal plants? Some have great anti viral actions. You can find out how to get them in medicinal herb books."  I almost thought he was nuts but I picked up a medicinal herb book of local plants. I found a picture of a plant called "Osha" (above left)  "Osha" (Ligusticum Porteri) Is a key herb in our famous "Viral Defense" formula. The book said this plant had strong anti viral properties. Osha grows at high altitudes so I set out to find it in the high mountains near by. I found it the first day! I started chewing the roots driving back from the mountain. I chewed these strange hot tasting roots every day for about two weeks when I noticed I was completely cured! I could breath great and the Pneumonia never came back.


 I was hooked on healing with medicinal plants!Plant Cures!! It was at this point I made the decision to become a Clinical Herbalist. I started reading every thing I could on the subject. I became a "closet botanist" and took a major course on Natural Healing With Herbs and then studied Chinese Medicine under the late Dr Wen Zee at the University of Arizona Medical Center. I then became certified and opened a clinic.