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Meet the Ginseng Family!

This amazing group of plants in the Araliaceae family provides us with so much useful medicine that it is hard to find a place to begin! We cover three family members here at Plant Cures (Offered as single herb products) but this just barely scratches the surface of what this family of plants has to offer in it’s healing benefits.

Please click on the three family members below to see which Ginsengs are best for your needs.

Panax Ginseng - Ren Shen
Panax Ginseng (Chinese or American) in any form strongly Tonifies the Digestive System. Tonifies Lungs, Tonifies Qi and Blood, Generates Body Fluids, Relieves Thirst, Calms the Shen,(Spirit) Improves Mental Function, Tonifies Wei Qi (Immune system) ......All of this is why you feel energized when you take Ginseng!...

Siberian Ginseng - Ci Wu Jia

Siberian Ginseng is known all over the world now as one of the ultimate adaptogenic agents. Also known as Acanthopanax and Eleutherococcus, the root of this plant helps provide the long term energy and the ability to cope with very difficult stress that is so often needed in many everyday walks of life....

Tien Qi Ginsengtien           

Raw Tien Chi powder is standard issue to many solders inAsia.
Uses of this are legion! No medicine cabinet should be with out it. This herb is used for so many situations concerning the blood. It can “discipline” the blood as far as it’s balance of clotting and thinning. It can even stop bleeding without clotting by “redirecting” the blood! It also can greatly reduce cholesterol....Click here for much more