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Plant Cures "Life Support": Super Tonic Effect!

Life Support is Plant Cures answer to: "What’s the best tonic herbal support that one could obtain in a capsule while still using as few herbs as possible?" We carefully considered the finest nutrition and tonic herbal energy one could obtain from only four herbal extracts (5:1 whole spectrum) in two or three "00" capsules.

This formula is also the same as in the liquid tincture product Li Ching Shou Wu (seen at right)

Life Support actually turned out very similar to the herbs Li Ching Yun consumed daily. However the factor of Li Ching Yun’s herbs was not considered at all until after the formula was developed. We just found it interesting that The Man Who Lived 200 Years had consumed a similar combination.

The Siberian Ginseng in this formula is extremely useful for the immune system and a bit less useful for the digestive system. However, it has a much more positive effect on elevated blood pressure than Panax Ginseng. (Unlike Panax, it will lower people’s high blood pressure and raise it in those who’s pressure is too low)

There is really no “Principle Herb” in this formula. This is a true working “Quartet of Super Herbs“. Here is how this “Quartet” makes it music:

The “Siberian Ginseng” combines beautifully with the Gotu Kola
as in our Siberian Kola formula for better concentration and focus)

These two herbs also support the energy of the He Shou Wu and the Wolfberries in a very big way:
Besides the super adaptagenic and immune building effects of Siberian Ginseng, the blood oxygen is raised from it as well. This makes the blood a “hot bed” for the super tonic effect of the He Shou Wu and Qi Berries in the formula.

Siberian Gensing (Above)
                                                                                                                                     He Shou Wu (Above)

The Wolfberries support the yin of the kidneys and liver making assimilation of food nutrients into the blood much stronger as the Siberian Ginseng’s duel energy (Yin and Yang) goes forth to help one keep going in difficult and tiring tasks. This also opens helps “lubricate, fuel, and ignite” the capillaries of the brain to receive the thought processing energy of the Gotu Kola. 
Chinese Wolfberries (Above)                                                                                                                                  Gotu  Kola (Above) 

You can feel these herbs working for you within 15-20 minutes after taking them.

Life Support Unlocks the Wisdom of the Ages With The Keys To Lasting Radiant Health. This Formula Works!

By the way, a formula that we feel becomes the "Ultimate Tonic Support" when combined with this is
Super Shrooms!

These Are The Most Beneficial Plant Supplements On Earth!

Life Support 1 bottle $24.95
Life Support 3 Pac - $64.85 You Save A Full $10.00!