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Japanese Knotweed Resveratrol
(Polygonum capitatum or "Hu Zhang" Extract 5:1)

Japanese Knotweed Root (Polygonum capitatum) is the best natural source for great quality high potency Resveratrol but .........

why try to isolate just one part of this plant and throw out all the other amazing benefits just because Pharma-science "discovered" something good in grape skins? This always seamed quite stupid to me. Especially when
Japanese Knotweed is closely related to the most proven longevity  promoting plant of all known as He Shou Wu  (Polygonum multiflorum)  

I have always maintained that God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave us the plants for healing. We can not improve on them by isolating and synthesizing derivatives of them. In tests with rats using pure Resveratrol they did not see any increase in basic life span. However when using the whole Polygonum multiflorum root there was a definite increase. To me, Longevity says it all!

The "science" of seeing some of the isolated molecular constituents in food and herbs can be interesting and even benaficial at times. (Such as the finding of Resveratrol) As long as we note what whole plants have the most of what we are looking for (Note the keywords; whole plants) we can put this science to work and still do only whole foods. I have always said, "Concentrate, don't isolate" and this is concentrated 5:1.

100 grams 5:1 Knotweed Resveratrol $39.95
1 kilo 5:1 Knotweed Resveratrol (10 jars) 299.50 You Save a full $100!