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 Inside Plant Cures
On a daily basis new tinctured plant extracts are started and logged for experimenting. What are we looking for? Simply new working combinations of plants and sometimes even testing newly discovered plant species such as a Skullcap variety we found that grows only in this small area of Arizona! These tinctures become the raw testing materials for developing new formulas.

From here they are either put together in the correct proportions in their original liquid state or put together with extract powders in the same proportions by weight measurement for capsules. 

Most testing is done with humans (Friends mostly) that have a condition we need to see results from such as heart arrhythmia, skin disorders, headache, arthritis, flu, sleeplessness, lack of energy, low sex drive, you name it! You may be surprised to know how easy it is to find volunteers and subjects with the disorder you are trying to correct. 
Since these are all safe plant extract formulas no one is ever harmed. Maybe a bit disappointed sometimes but most often extremely happy their condition was helped, however  they are never harmed. This is the blessing of Natural Medicine. 

Plant Cures owner; Chris Gussa: 
"We are currently working with over 9,000 medicinal plants to bring about healing through the true science of combining the whole energies of whole plants. We are not concerned at all with trying to "explain away" why a plant works because "science" can tell you its "main constituent". We feel that what we now call "science" has not been a help at all but a very big stumbling block when it comes to our natural health. 

A plants energy is from its whole part. (flowers, fruit, leaves, stems, roots etc) While the "science" of seeing some of the isolated molecular constituents in food and herbs can be interesting at times, there is no "one magic ingredient" in any plant. (You would think it would be science trying to tell you this type of logic, instead of me) But no! They would rather play this childish game of trying to find the "Pot of gold" in a plant so they can synthesize it and dazzle the FDA with a "New Drug" that will most likely cause the usual death and destruction! Pharma Geeks! Nice guys, huh? 
(Please listen to this mp3) 

Besides, for every recognized constituent found in a plant there can be hundreds if not thousands of other constituents that remain. This is why we at Plant Cures are only
 concerned with the whole sum of any plant part.We know that when anything is isolated our bodies will not recognize it as natural and our organs will try to reject it. 

This is why we're here, to help get back to the health care created for us.

This is why we are called "Plant Cures". 
Just manufacturing the formulas Plant Cures already has is more than a full time job. However we are alwise working on developing new ones. You will be seeing many more soon!

There is always the job of pouring liquid mixes together then filling bottles with the liquid mix. Then there is weighing and blending powder, encapsulating the powder, and counting the caps for each bottle before filling. Chris handles this mostly by himself.

On top of this there is always packaging and mail-outs for the continuing orders that come in daily.

This part is handled mostly by Heidi but I can tell you this business is not an easy job for two people or even a small crew of people. However Chris and Heidi do it all! 

However, with all the hard work involved, knowing how many people are greatly helped with natural plants that do no harm is very rewarding. Also knowing these people will not have to use Big Pharma’s drugs (That always do harm) is extremely rewarding. So Chris and Heidi have never complained. 

Having lots of  energy producing herbs on hand all the time sure does help though! 



Walking over to our work building every morning is something that always makes us feel good and we can't wait to get started on getting the orders ready for that new day!  We thank God daily for this life and we are here to serve you with it.Chris