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Hi folks. Herbie here! Here is some important info on why you don't want to combine herbs with synthetic drugs:

All info on this website is written assuming you are not taking any synthetic drugs. If you are on any synthetic drugs and it is your sincere desire to get 100% off of them, herbs and synthetic dugs can "cross-over" for a week or two as you cut back on the drugs to zero intake. However, It will be very hard to do (sometimes having very bad effects) and you will most likely lose your doctor or “prescriber” (Or a more accurate name is “drug pusher”) and we hope for your health’s sake you do! We suggest you get off any synthetic drugs first to see what natural medicine does for you on its own.

Remember, nothing in your body is truly natural when  unnatural stuff is also in your body along with it.  Wow! An herbal epiphany! 

I can explain a lot of this by singing it to you, so Turn Up Your Speakers!

But many of you just starting out need more info, soooo...... I have opened my favorite box of Crayolas and jotted down some important notes to remember for those of you that are still struggling with the facts:

It's simple. Drugs, MDs and herbs just don’t mix. First of all, Get off drugs! If you find you just "can't" get off your drugs, don’t waste your time and money on herbal medicine! (Yes, even ours) Just go one way or the other.

Doctors (MDs) don’t have a clue about herbs no matter what they say! They are simply into pushing unnatural drugs and are full of BS speech from drug companies. If you want to believe them, that is your choice. The one thing they might say which is true is, "herbs and drugs don't mix"

If you have a traumatic injury from a car accident, gunshot wounds, broken bones, have arrows sticking through your head or you need a cleft palate fixed, by all means see an MD, b

If you have a health related problem (not an accident) like high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart arrhythmias, flu, viral infection or what ever, then going to an MD will only get you hooked on very dangerous drugs.

            Note: This is definitely not "medical" advice!