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Our Powerful Tincture of Bloodroot   
Please do not confuse this with "black salves" or other products  made with caustic chloride of zinc and Bloodroot powder! The ultra-stupid move of combining bloodroot with chloride of zinc as "black salves" has absolutely ruined the reputation of this incredibly healing little plant!

Everyone now thinks that Bloodroot is caustic and can "burn off healthy skin" just because of the association of bloodroot with the highly caustic chloride of zinc that is in these salves! Chloride of zinc is, in fact, what is in dry cell batteries and it is simply hydrochloric acid soaked zinc powder. Please wake up people!

These caustic “black salves” (Starting back as far as the 1700’s) are either the stupidest move ever made by “alternative medicine” or the smartest move made by the medical system. 

Websites like Sloan Kettering, Web MD and all the other pathetic pharmaceutical promoters are fully taking advantage of this opportunity from "black salves" to slam an incredibly healing herb! I, for one, would never get near any black salves!

About Our Pure Bloodroot Tincture:
This is simply pure double extracted liquid Tincture of Bloodroot. Our Bloodroot Tincture is double extracted to bring out everything in its fullest. Bloodroot is powerful healing stuff!

When the Ojibwas administered Bloodroot internally, they would have the patient drink a mouthful of bloodroot tea (Yuck!) and than if they did not "throw up" after a half hour they would have them drink another mouthful.

This was basically a good concept but it does not have to be so painful! Here's how: We recomend starting with 5 drops of this tincture twice a day and increase it by a drop every day until you get just a bit nauseous (Maybe after 5 drops for some - 30 drops for others) If you get a bit nauseous just back down a drop or two and hold that. You just found your dose without throwing up! There is really no need to ever take more then 30 drops as some never get nauseous even at that dose. Remember,
It is not nescesssary for one to reach the point where thay get nauseous in order for Bloodroot to be of benefit.

You can also apply Bloodroot to "fast developing" skin problems with a Q-tip or add
Slippery Elm powder to a half teaspoon or so of the tincture to make a paste. This paste can be used to put over skin problems, covered with gauze and taped. Change twice daily leaving on over-night.

Sold in 4 OZ bottles
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Bloodroot Tincture 4 oz $45.95