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We have discontinued Flo-Pross and now have  life-flo from Plant Cures

General Health Tonic For male and female and the Perfect Prostate Formula?
Yep! Traditionaly used by men for chronic prostatitis, prostate enlargement and benign prostatic hypertrophy and used by both men and women as one of the finest all-round tonics for the Immune system, blood, kidneys, liver, Qi and just feeling your best!

I thought I heard a man ask his wife, “Honey did you take your prostate pills?” and she said, “Yes Dear and did you take your female support pills?”

This formula is just as ideal for men’s prostate problems as it is as a super tonic for women and men. It is used by those who just want to feel younger, build up their immune system, strengthen their Qi and elemanate issues with urination. (Too often, too little, painful or incontinent)  It will also rev up the primal force (sexual energy) a bit in either male or female if it is lacking.

Here is how and why it does all of this:

First, Huang Qi
(Astragalus) is a major Qi builder that helps hold our internal organs upright and in place and keep them from sagging. This is ideal for a man’s prostate and bladder and ideal for a woman’s bladder, ovaries and uterus. The added benefit is that Astragals is the most powerful natural immune booster there is. (This immune suport can help prevent infections involved in prostitous and urinary tract infections in either sex) Huang Qi also has the amazing power of helping many people over the age of 50 to feel much younger and more energetic


Secondly, Zie Xi (Alisma) is an extremely healthy natural diuretic herb that has a cleansing action getting rid of the little solid particles in the prostate that cause cysts that get infected and cause prostatitis. It also works in clearing the bladder and the entire urinary tract in men and women preventing cysts and stones.  

Thirdly, Mu Dan Pi
, (
Tree Peony Root Cortex) an amazing herb that is both a toxin destroyer and blood purifier is in this formula.  This herb has amazing anti-bacterial and anti-viral actions and has been clinically proven to kill a whole host of germs. This can flat out kill the infection involved in prostatitis and just about any other disease (Like colds and flu) that could attack you.


Lastly we have Shan Zho Yao. (Cornus fruit) in the formula. This is used as the single herb in our  well know product called "Hold On". This is a powerful true tonic herb that is known to hold back fluids. Men have used this for holding back semen until it is ready and men and women have used this for incontinence and frequent urination for thousands of years. One might ask, “Why would you use an herb like this when you are using a diuretic herb like Alisma? Wouldn’t this defeat the purpose?  The answer is NO not at all; in fact they both help each other. The Alisma works hard as a diuretic which could keep you up all night peeing if you did not have a strong bladder. The Cornus. strengthens the bladder and helps you hold it back until you are good and ready to let it go. In fact in doing this it lets the other herbs stay in longer to do what they need to do in your urinary tract. Also Cornus can bost sexual energy in both sexes,

About "High PSA"
The medical system is divided on PSA tests as they were thought to not be accurate and opened the door for many false positives. (Many medical doctors ignore this and keep it up anyway) If you know for sure you have a serious problem with your prostate (for other reasons) and want to keep it all natural please consider Tincture of Bloodroot along with this formula.

Life-Flo 1 Bottle $24.95
Life-Flo 3 Bottles $64.85 You Save $10!