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 Herbs For The Immune System
Please note: The descriptions below are from the Traditional Chinese and or "Folk Medicine" use of  herbs provided for information and not intended to replace advice from a medical doctor or to replace any drugs that are FDA approved. 
  Walk Through The Fire! (Don't worry about "catching something")
   Reishi-Astragalus - The "Strong Defense"
From Plant Cures

        In my many years as a TCM Herbalist, I have never found anything better then Strong Defense for keeping the Immune System working at it's Ultimate Max!

This combanation of Ling Zi (The Red "Reishi" Mushroom) and Huang Chi (Chinese Astragalus Root) in highly concentrated extract powders is the best thing I have ever seen for disease prevention!


This is Great to take while traveling, before getting on a plane or just being at airports and other arias of "incoming" germs. Perfect for protection during those flu epidemics in local communities and can be taken long term.  Remember this is not for taking when you are sick but to keep you from getting sick!

Remember, this is a formula for prevention. If you are already sick with a flu or other virus or infection that has been activated you need "Viral Defense". There is nothing better on the planet!

About The Two 5:1 Herb Extracts in Strong Defense:


Many studies done in Japan have shown Reishi (Ling Zi) to have a powerful effect on the body’s overall resistance to disease. Reishi is believed by Japanese and Chinese researchers to have a regulatory effect on the immune system, bringing up immune functions in cases of immunodeficiency and reducing the excesses associated with auto-immune conditions.

Astragalus (Huang Chi) has been recognized as a potent immune system tonic by modern researchers. Astragalus has been used for over 2000 years to strengthen the body as a whole. Astragalus also has the ability to fortify the "Upright Qi." Upright Qi is the energy allocated by the body to maintain upright posture and to maintain the position of the organs in their healthy position in their battle with gravity.  For much more info on this formula please see the article we did for Natural News here.


 Strong Defense is often taken with Anti-Cancer herbs and Anti-Viral herbs like "Viral Defense"  It has the ability to greatly magnify almost any disease fighting herbal medicine and is one of the few tonic medicines that can be taken during disease. (But only with other disease fighting herbs and never by itself if you have a fever)


Sold in tinctures - 3-4 droppers twice daily is all it takes. And in 60 "00"cap bottles - 2 caps 2x a day is all it takes!) Also sold in 100 gram extract powder - 1 gram twice daily is all it takes. (1 gram is the same amount in two of our large 500 mg "00" capsules)

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this site is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a physician. You should consult a physician or health care professional before starting on any supplement or medication if you suspect you may have a health problem   

Prices below reflect current market value of Ling Zhi: To help save our customers money, we are now offering this in powerful 4 oz and 16 oz tinctures. Also we now have it in jars of 100 gram extract powder (Same powder in our capsules) for $69.95. This makes 200 of our capsules or dissolves easily in water. You can even save $15.00 on this by buying a 3 pac!

1 Bottle Strong Defense 60 Capsules $34.95
3 Pac Strong Defense 180 Capsules $89.85 You save a full $15.00!
100 Grams Strong Defense Extract Powder  $69.95
3 Pac-100 Gram Strong Defense Ext Pwd. $194.85 You save $15.00