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 Unhealthy Blood Cholesterol?
This is no problem for the right herbs and a good diet

I don’t know about you but I am getting awfully tired of being lied to by doctors as a way to push their deadly drug protocol! If you believe all the hype from Pharma Reps and TV commercials then you will also believe that the whole reason our livers make cholesterol is simply to give us a heart attack sometime down the road! 

Watch Video: Exposing the Cholesterol Myth   

Let's take a look at Low Chol:
If you want to keep the “LDL numbers” and "cholesterol numbers" down to satisfy the drug-pushing MDs (A very stupid reason in my opinion) or to pass a job physical or something, there is a built in “safety valve” "Low Chol" can often bring these numbers down. 

However, high cholesterol is not always a bad thing! 
If something like Low Chol does not bring it down than that's just the way you are supposed to run. Having high cholesterol while eating healthy and taking herbs like Low Chol does not cause you to have a heart attack! However if it does bring the numbers down, it is not cholesterol that you are actually bringing down! You are bringing the numbers down by helping your liver build big healthy cholesterol particles!

You see, cholesterol and LDL that become rancid, oxidized, or otherwise corrupt (Which can be dangerous in causing inflammation) causes the particles to become smaller so they tend to get stuck and clog things up. This gives a higher number reading in blood tests. (Smaller particles - more parts per million - lodgical, right?) This is why we need lots of big healthy cholesterol. We don't want inflamation which is the biggest cause of heart attacks.  Good healthy cholesterol is actually what we need to keep inflamation down.

This is a HUGE FACT the drug companies do not want you to know ! They are guilty of murder in some cases and always guilty of bodily harm by lying to us this way.

We all  desperately need this wonderful cholesterol to make all our hormones and in fact reproduce any cells in our bodies. The statin drugs cause your liver to shut down it's natural process of making this wonderful life giving substance! Is this what you really want to do to yourselves?

As you saw in the video, LDL or so called “bad cholesterol” Is not a type of cholesterol at all! It is in fact a protein. Low density lipoprotein to be exact. (LDL is a binding protein that is necessary to carry cholesterol to the body as needed because the waxy cholesterol is not soluble in our watery blood.

HDL is another (high density) protein designed to help carry the used-up cholesterol back to the liver. (Not to “get rid of” cholesterol as the pharma-medical system would have you believe but to recycle it so we can use it again and again -to recycle it!) The simple facts are we need all three! Cholesterol, LDL protein and HDL protein are all essential to good health. Alzheimer's and many other disorders are many times a result of people lacking in healthy cholesterol due to statin drugs shuting down there livers and stopping cholesterol production!

As you can see, there is no "Good" or "Bad" cholesterol. The truth is cholesterol is just cholesterol! (A fatty, waxy chemical created in the liver used in the construction of cells.  New cells can not be made without it! The only “bad” cholesterol is cholesterol that has become oxidized and the only way to undo this oxidation is by feeding our bodies with anti-oxidant rich foods and herbs.

The herbs in "Low Chol" that help move and thin blood without stopping the clotting factor are Tien Qi and Dan Shen together with the amazing herb that gets rid of blood-fat and plaque as well as prevent and stop oxidation called Jiao Gu Lan. These herbs are a true powerhouse in preventing heart attacks and keeping healthy blood.  This is exactly how and why we developed Low Chol.   

I can not hardly believe we have to even post this kind of thing in this “kind of language” to try and undo all the lies that have been told and it makes me sad that is has come to that but this is how corrupt the drug pushing medical system has become and we at Plant Cures will deal with it in what ever way necessary to simply tell the truth. 

  There are lots of other things that can help also:
   Note: Any or all of these herbs and products below can be combined.

Jiao Gu LanJiaogulan.jpg
The following is taken from studies done in China , Korea and Japan on Gynostemma pentaphyllum (GP) and its gypenosides: Jiao Gu Lan lowers the numbers on total cholesterol, LDL , and raises HDL.

More than 20 papers have been published on the subject with effectiveness reported as ranging from 67 to 93%. It also inhibits platelet aggregation which lessens the chance of a stroke or heart attack.

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