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Dan Shen Extract For Heart Problems

Serous heart problems such as angina, arrhythmias, repeated episodes of "A-Fib" and other heart disorders can actually be eliminated with a single whole herb called Salvia miltiorrhiza known in
as Dan Shen. This is accomplished safely and remarkably fast.

Many official clinical tests with Dan Shen have taken place in
China, Japan and many other countries. Most testing in the cases of angina showed close to 90% of those tested were significantly helped! About 80% of arrhythmias were corrected or at least improved. And in many cases, the mitral valves of the heart have actually shown to have been helped over long term use correcting many problems.

If you are suffering from any heart disorder you should most definitely try Dan Shen. If you are on any heart drugs and want to get off them you should "wean" off them slowly (1-3 weeks) while using this herb Many people have walked completely away from heart drugs by using Dan Shen.

Also if you are on Coumadin or other blood thinners be advised that you may not need it when taking Dan Shen as Dan Shen can also thin the blood. (Without any toxicity) Unlike Coumadin, Dan Shen keeps your blood at optimum health! Get off of the Coumadin or be sure to have your blood checked. (There are some doctors that will actually assist you in this but only a few, Use your own common sense and don't think your doctor will ever have anything good to say about any herbal medicine)

This red colored root of a purple flowering garden Salvia plant has been the difference between life and death for many, many people and it is a prime example of the healing energy of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

There are sixty 500 Mg capsules in each bottle (About a 10 day supply - You get a 30 day supply in a 3 Pac)

You Can Save Big With 100 Gram Extract Powder Jars! (Shown Above Right)
Get the same extract powder we use in our capsules in 100 gram jars (Makes at least 220 "00" caps or just dissolve in liquid and drink)

Dan Shen Capsules 1 Bottle $24.95
Dan Shen Capsules 3 Pac $64.85 You Save $10!
Dan Shen Extract Powder 100 Grams $49.95
Dan Shen Extract Powder 100 Grams 3 Pac 129.85 You Save $20!