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 Plant Cures Detox "Tea"...... 
Please Note: Due to special formulating, there is now no need for the added tincture of Cilantro so the cost is now much less to you.

This new formula is based on research, studies, and experimenting we have been working on for over a year now and we are happy to finally have it available to you. 

We had to get VERY serious about detoxification lately for many reasons:

This formula is absolutely the best for occupational hazards (Such as working with or around chemicals like paint, hair treatment chemicals, weed killers – you name it) However extreme toxicity has now become much more common place with just about everyone.
Our country’s food supply is at such a contaminated state from GMO’s and extremely dangerous toxic levels of inorganic poisons in the soils that no matter who you are or how careful you are, you will eventually get burned.  

Also with all the aluminum, barium, mercury and other metals and polymers being sprayed in our skies lately under the rouse of "protection from global warming" we all (Including this herbalist) are literally being poisoned from our own skies.  

When I was first studying herbal medicine my instructor used to often say, "Most all disease can be traced to toxins in the blood. If you purify the blood and rid it of all toxins there can not be disease"   
For serious problems this program needs to be combined with Bloodroot

Remember, toxins are not just in the form of heavy metals. Many dormant bacterial and viral entities are hiding in your blood along with God only knows what type of left over hormones and funguses.


One of the worst causes of frequent headaches (Often migraines) is due to spent hormones lodged in the liver. This happens sometimes with men but is common with women who may have estragon and progesterone imbalances. Don’t try to “balance the hormones” with pharmaceutical replacement therapy. This will make things worse and really make you a candidate for cancer! Instead just flush your liver and clean up your blood once in a while.  Many years ago my wife suffered from migraines. (since she was about 16) She took a similar detox for about two weeks and has not even had a headache for over 30 years now. 

This Plant Cures Detox Tea will get rid of just about anything bad hiding in your blood!

Our Cleansing Raw-herb Water-infusion or "Detox Tea" Weighs 8 OZ - Makes 1 Gal.

Note: There is now no need for an added tincture of Cilantro as before so the cost is now much less

This special blend for water infusion  includes a large portion of Dandelion root, Chaparral, Yellow Dock root, Burdock root, Peppermint Leaves and Slippery Elm. This is an extremely hard working interactive formula of herbs designed to synergistically remove toxins of solid form in the liver and gallbladder. It expels the liquid blood-binding ones as well. It causes metals and other toxins to be broken down and flushed out of the body. It also activates many powerful antioxidant functions that ignite the body’s army of natural cleansing mechanisms and immune functions.  

We Believe this is the best plant based (or anything based) whole-body detoxification known. 

Designed for a 1 week detox.

1 week Detox Tea $59.00