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Hold On!  By Plant Cures: 
Made From Pure Chinese Cornus Fruit 5:1 Extract

Cornus Fruit (Seen whole raw at right) is used traditionally for bladder problems, frequent uranition, incontinence and premature ejaculation as well as a general yin and yang tonic for the whole body.

"Hold On!" is a single herb extract made from the Chinese "Sour Mountain Date" or Cornus Fruit (Shan Zho Yu)  used Traditionally for incontinence and frequent urination (Male or Female)  It can be taken in larger doses just before bed to stop getting up so much.

Traditionally it is also extremely effective for men with problems of premature ejaculation but is very effective for uranation control for women, men and children.

Most Chinese formulas are made from a systematic combination of many herbs. "Hold On" is an exception made from a single highly concentrated extract powder of the herb, Shan Zhu Yu. It does not interfere with other herbs or even most Pharm-Meds that act as a diuretic. It works by holding back fluids while also strengthening the bladder and  It is very good for the entire urinary tract.

The powerful tonic effects of Shan Zhu Yu:

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cornus is a considered a Yin tonic (Although warm in nature) which acts upon the Kidney, most specifically upon the uro-genital system. Its tonic action is highly magnified by its powerful astringent action.

When combined with other tonic herbs, Cornus  makes the other herbs much more powerful which is why you will find this in many classic Chinese Herbal Formulas. Most Yin tonic herbs are cool in nature. Being a warm Yin tonic makes it truly a unique herb. It's  power lies in Cornus's incredible astringent action on the uro-genital organs.

This herb is very sour, and like most sour herbs, it helps control ejaculation of sperm and helps treat the problems of impotence, premature ejaculation, and frequent urination due to weak bladder.

Because of its warm and direct action on the genital function, Chinese herbal doctors consider Cornus to have "aphrodisiac" qualities. Lke most Kidney tonics, Cornus helps strengthen the back and knees, clears the mind and improves hearing.  It is also long known to be beneficial to people who areexperiencing dizziness.

A quinol glucoside has been discovered in Cornus which acts as a urinary antiseptic. Extracts of Cornus have shown antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhula and Shigella dysentarae. Extracts have also shown anti-allergenic effects.

Cornus will help reduce perspiration in those who sweat due to illness, weakness or fear. Mixed with the appropriate herbs, Cornus is also very useful for stabilizing excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding due to deficiency and weakness.

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60 Cap Bottle Hold On - $19.95