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Two Herbal Formulas For Arthritis:
We strongly recommend taking Kidney Klenze with either one of these formulas if Gout is a big part of the problem.

Chin Koo Tieh Shang Wan is no longer available but we now have a replacement that is very similar and even stronger...... It is called Restor Nex

I, myself (Your trusted herbalist) had been living with a lot of pain for a few years from an old horse-wreck injury in my knee and shoulder (I didn't think anything could help) I started on this formula and started feeling great with easy movement in the first few days! I am now 100% back to normal. This is why we now have it here at Plant Cures:

Restor Nex is a well-known formula in China for arthritis and old injuries (or worn-out joints) where arthritis (Or arthritis like conditions) have set in.

It breaks up blood stagnation by invigorating blood and fluids and eliminating toxins that have set into bones, joints, connective tissues, and the blood itself. It can also be used for acute traumatic injuries including fractures, sprains, strains and wounds, with accompanying pain and swelling.

It has the amazing ability to strengthen tendons as it promotes healing to most any tissue in the body while greatly reducing pain and swelling.

A HUGE reason for this amazing healing action is the Xue Jui in the formula which is known as Dragons Blood. This is the red resinous secretion (sap) of a very rare tree. It was known as an herb growing in China in the 1500's but the tree's whereabouts became lost.
In 1972, Cai Xiyao, a famous Chinese botanist re-discovered the precious Dragon’s Blood trees in a thick rainforest in the Xishuanbanna prefecture of Southern Yunnan province. These trees now provide the raw material for the development of Dragon’s Blood in China.

Restor Nex Contains: Angelica Dang Qui, Frankincense resin, Myrrh resin, Dragons' Blood resin and safflower  
120 pills per bottle - Dose is 10 pills twice daily

Joint Venture: (New Revised Formula)

Desinged to help with all types of what we loosly call "arthritis" and to help with the pain in general.

Several different conditions are diagnosed by Western physicians as arthritis (joint inflammation). In the Chinese system of medicine, these conditions include Bi-Syndrome, (Hot, Cold, Damp, and Wind) 3rd Stage Injury, Liver Yin Deficiency, and Painful Obstruction.

In the "ever so stupid" western medicine system, Cold-bi and Damp-bi are usually diagnosed as osteoarthritis. This condition feels better when heat is applied. Damp-Bi syndrome gets worse when the weather gets damp. When sufferers go to a warm dry climate, they often feel better.

Hot-bi presents with pain, swelling, heat and redness in the joint(s). It is usually diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis or gouty arthritis Putting heat on such an inflamed joint makes it feel worse. If you do have gouty arthritis please also use Kidney Klenze to heal.

The Herbs in Our New Improved Joint Venture:

Xu Duan or "Teasel"
An important herb in this formula is “Xu Duan” or “Fracture Healer” (Common name: Teazel) This herb is in both the classes of "Kidney Yang Tonic Herbs" and "Herbs To Counteract Rheumatism" with a slightly warm energy and an affinity for the liver and kidneys. This Herb helps promote blood circulation around injured tissues and is used to strengthen loins and knees, connect tendons and bones, and treat fractures and lumbago. This herb also works well with counteracting the arthritis-like problems of Lymes.

Boswellia, (Ru Xiang) also known as Frankincense, is now used in this formula for its very powerfull anti-inflammatory action.

Yan Hu Suo .(Corydalis yanhusuo- Rhizoma) is very highly valuable herb in Joint Venture. This is the prized herb in China for the relief of pain caused by stagnant blood and qi. (a large factor in arthritic problems) It’s affinities are the heart, liver, and gall bladder. It is available as a patent medicine in its single form (in tablets) for abdominal and menstrual pain but when combined with herbs that have specific affinity locations it is effective where it is “directed”. It also promotes blood circulation in the places where there is pain .

Dang Qui (big whole roots - head and tail) is also used in this formula to help for it's powerful blood moving action.

Gui Zhi (Cinnamon twigs) are used to help to warm and invigorate the blood and qi helping to open up the channels so the formula can work its best.

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Restor Nex 1 Bottle $19.95

Restor Nex 4 Bottles $64.80 You Save $15.00!

Joint Venture 4 oz $29.95

Joint Venture 16 oz $89.95 You Save $30!

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