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    "Think Clear"From Plant Cures       
Made from Herbs Traditionally Used in China for Mental Focus, Alzheimer’s disease, Alertness and Concentration

Many adults today wish to have better mental focus, alertness and concentration. We all sometimes suffer from memory lapses, lack of concentration and inability to focus

Chinese Club Moss (Tien Ji Huang ) is a mystifying herb. For many years, the plant has been used in China to treat patients with memory decline and Alzheimer’s disease. No one can quite tell you how it works scientifically . It just seems to help people get around many of the Alzheimer’s symptoms and to function with a much better working memory. It may also have additional unique effects that could slow down the actual progression of Alzheimer’s disease.


Even (Once again) the drug companies have been working hard to try and synthesize a molecular part of the herb so they can patent it and make billions.


Another herb in the formula is Ji Xue Cao (Know also as Gota Kola) which has an amazing ability to stimulate the brain into much better mental focus. This is greatly improved when combined with Siberian Ginseng which serves to both stimulate the brain and raise the oxygen levelsof the blood. So Siberian Ginseng is also an important part of the formula.


The formula is called “Think Clear” at Plant Cures. The herbs are used in an alcohol tincture form as that helps it to be delivered more directly into the liver and bloodstream. The formula apparently works quite well for many people as Plant Cures has received many emails from people testifying to this.

Note: As far as helping to rebuild the brain which has suffered an Alzheimer’s sort of deterioration I believe the best thing to take is plenty of high quality coconut oil on a daily basis.


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Think Clear 4 0z
4 oz bottle of Think Clear Perfect for trying out

Think Clear 16 oz
16 oz bottle of Think Clear saving you $49.85 at 4 oz prices