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Herbs Traditionally Used For Acne
"Skin Detox"from Plant Cures:
This three herb combo has traditionally been used for adolescent acne (Ages 12-20) for over 100 years by many country folk. I have had mothers call and tell me their son's or daughter's attitude has changed so much from getting rid of embarrassing acne. Please note: This is not for acne-like conditions on people 25 years and older. For that you should look to formulas for removing damp heat toxins such as Coptis.

However people of all ages can use this as a liver cleanse.

 In fact that's how it works! It helps get rid of not only the toxins (In the form of teenage hormones) that cause acne but other toxins that have settled into the liver and could cause disease in many forms.
It's made from the three most powerful roots known for skin cleansing : Echinacea Root, Burdock Root, and Yellow Dock Root. This powerful herbal trio works together with each herb supporting the other as a strong fighting team.

As a TCM practitioner, I must ask you to forgive me in being so “Western and simple” in this formula! I know Echinacea Root can seem sort of over used and “blah” but that is because it is mostly known for it's use on the immune system at which it is very "weak" for when compared to Chinese herbs like Huang Qi and Ling Zi.

However Echinacea Root (Which old-timers always called "Kansas Snake Root") is very powerfull as a detox and liver cleansing herb (This is why many plains indians used it for snake bites) This three herb formula works better than anything I have seen for acne in teens and as a liver detox for all ages.  

Recomended serving is 3 caps 3 times a day

Also please see the use of Slippery Elm for acne

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Skin Detox 60 caps $17.95