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Gotu Kola  and  "Siberian Kola"

Historically, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ping Da Wan or "Gotu Kola" as many people know it, is considered to be one of the best herbal brain and CNS tonics known in the natural and also a life-enhancer that contributes greatly to long life.  

Ping Da Wan (Gotu Kola) is prominently featured in the Shen Nong Herbal, compiled in China over two thousand years ago, as one of the "miracle elixirs of life."
We know that Li Ching Yuen (Who lived to be at least 197) consumed this daily as part of his diet including Wolfberries, He Shou Wu, and Ginseng. As a result of his remarkable long life, studies performed upon Gotu Kola by the French in Algeria revealed what appears to be a "new vitamin" not known in any other food or herb. It was described as the "youth vitamin X" that exerts a rejuvenating influence upon the ductless glands, the healthy functioning of which is the means that the brain and body are maintained for healthy activity.

Please note: Some people mistakenly think from the word "Kola" in "Gotu Kola" that this herb contains caffine. This is not at all true!

The leaves (Seen at right) are said to be the favored food of elephants (This could be, in part, why "An elephant never forgets" and has such a long life)  This herb is featured in a few of our Plant Cures Formulas for better brain power and longevity such as "Siberian Kola"  (Featured below) It is also found in our
"Think Clear" and "Li Ching Shou Wu."   
"Siberian Kola"
We also have a well known and highly effective combanation for high energy (Both mentaly and physically) which is equal parts of Siberian Gensing and Gotu Kola. We call our version of this combanation  "Siberian Kola" but please remember there is absalutly no caffine in this product and it will not raise blood pressure at all. In fact unlike some Panax Ginseng that can raise blood pressure in a few people, the Siberian Ginseng in this will help lower high blood pressure as will the Gotu Kola itself.

"Siberian Kola"
 is a magnificent tonic to the brain because when you add the blood-oxygen raising abilities of Siberian Ginseng to Gotu Kola, this combo becomes a dramatic formula to increase concentration, focus, memory, and brain power endurance in general. I have taken this combo many times when studying for a test and when taking an exam. It’s almost like “cheating” but the remarkable thing is that you still retain all the data. (At least I did)

We have both powerful liquid tinctured extracts of pure Gotu Kola and "Siberian Kola" in 4 and 16 oz bottles. 
    Rember both of these are extracted with 40% alcohol for best absorbtion in the blood.

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Gotu Kola Extract 4 oz $29.95
Gotu Kola Extract 16 oz $89.80 You save $30.00!
Siberian Kola 4 oz $29.95
Siberian Kola 16 oz $89.80 You save $30.00!