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The insanity ridden wack-jobs who fear global warming are the closest single individuals to date we can blame for all the deadly aluminum particles sprayed and falling down on us like rain and here they are:

David Keith; Aerosol Geo-engineer to the world!
  (Along with his well known partner in crime, Bill Gates)
 Remember, the Bible calls Satan "THE PRINCE OF THE POWER OF THE AIR"

These “contrails” that turn into “clouds” (which everybody now calls “chemtrails”) are a product of the absolute warped brains of those that fear global warming. This is the "reason" we KNOW  they use for doing this. However there are possibilities of the true reasons being such things as testing of Chemicals and Biological Agents on "Civilian Population" (which is actually legal via the “exceptions” of this law) or an outright genocidal action based on the very real United Nations agenda 21. Also the relation of aluminum particles to  HAARP and weather control is a known  fact.. It is more than possible that all these factors and many more are at play. THINK ABOUT IT! The world powers now have a built in excuse (global warming) to use our entire atmosphere for an unlimited array of experments and control for what ever purposes they can think of. And we are giving them permission by not staging a public outcry. Folks, this outcry must begin now!

These fake "clouds" are made up of primarily aluminum nano-particles geared to supposedly reflect the heat back upward. The scientists behind all this take great pride in doing this nonsense and refer to it as aerosol stratospheric geo-engineering. These toxic “clouds” are extremely dangerous to your health and many say this is the greatest crime ever perpetuated on mankind as they have
 succeeded in ruining the very air we breathe.

The "brainiac" most responsible for this concept of spraying the skies with toxic aluminum particles is David Keith; Professor of Applied Physics at Harvard. This man is absolutely nuts! He is funded with millions of dollars from Bill Gates to stop global warming. Space does not permit a description of this totally insane man.

David Keith has provided all the information we could ever want on him for us already. He absolutely stands 100% behind all he is doing and freely admits that aluminum particle geo-engineering will likely have disastrous results down the road but who cares? Listen to the video of David below carefully. He goes on to say that, "Geo-engineering is not really a “moral hazard” it is more like free riding on your grandkids". This man is unbelievable!

So does the blame all fall on this wack-job geo-engineer, David Keith? I wanted to know who (personally) is funding his insanity. It is hard to nail down individual people with all the big corporations involved but we do know one of the largest personal financial supporters of David Keith’s Geo-engineering plans is none other than Bill Gates! So now we have two individual people seated in the blame corner. But we need names of pilots, we need to force these planes down and interrogate these pilots as well.

Now with all this aluminum in the soil as a result of these aerosol crimes, an aluminum resistant seed gene would seem a profitable thing to develop and patent. (That is if you were a totally evil empire such as Monsanto) right?  


Well an aluminum resistant gene (patent # 7582809) was granted on September 1, 2009  and assigned to none other than our own US Department of Agriculture and also split with the Brazilian Enterprise for Agricultural Research. The patent was developed at the Robert W. Holley Center for Agricultural Health at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Leon Kochian and Jurandir Vieira de Magallhaes are the primary inventors/ researchers.

According to Cornell University Chronicle Online, the research project was supported in part by the McKnight Foundation Collaborative Crop Research Program, the Generation Challenge Program, the National Science Foundation and the USDA.  Once again The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a huge contributor to both the McKnight Foundation and the Generation Challenge Program.


Folks, we know at least a few names now! It is only NAMES that can pay for these crimes, not corporations, not foundations, but only people! WE NEED THE PILOTS! They can not hide unless we let them.  Fortunately many of the money funding people behind this have such large egos that they want their names known. I encourage all of you to help us dig up names and help bring them to justice. It can not be put off any longer. 




At the bottom of this page are suggested searches and links to help  direct you to the many intelligent sites on this subject. (And also to try to steer you away from a few sites that blame “aliens” etc.)

David Keith's personal website and email and I believe even a phone number can all be found here

Please pray before contacting him! He is so proud of what he is doing! He will also tell you he does not even know what a “chemtrail” is! But he has a point! “Chemtrail” is not a real word. Watch him close like the snake that he is! You must be prayed-up and cowboyed-up before you contact this satanic individual but he is sticking his own neck out and begging for something to happen! Something needs to happen for sure! Remember, be prayed-up he is about as pure evil as man can get! 


What is not clear is what branch of the government ( military or other such as the UN?) is using these planes to do all this and why the government will not admit they are doing it at all. The government has not only been denying this for years but now has the nerve to have developed a sort of “standardized smirk” in their language as an effort to make the public think it is only the “crazies” that would ever DARE to notice this. The only conspiracy surrounding geo-engineering is that government and media refuses to publicly admit what anyone with eyes can see.  

The amazingly controlled policy of DENY-DENY-DENY from the government has got the media somehow paralyzed with fear to ever talk about it. Or at least they will not talk about it without passing on that “standardized smirk” to the viewers so their fears (Fears of “WHAT?” I am not sure) are pacified.

A funny incident happened right here in our home town of Benson, AZ: Our local TV station from Tucson (KGUN CHANNEL 9) did an article on "chemtrails" a few months back produced by Guy Atchley. It was so amazingly shameful (making it look like you had to be crazy to even think about this) that comments on the stations “online viewers’ post” were off the charts with complaints.  There was, of course, no comment from Tucson’s KGUN CHANNEL 9. However, about a month later the aluminum particles from a spraying mission got so heavy that the TV station’s weather radar would not work! Everyone could see the fake clouds building up from the chemtrails so the station had to make up an excuse. They called it “Military Chaff” for purposes of jamming radar as a “training mission” I think I laughed for hours! This was justice. But again I must ask, Why the cover up? What are they afraid of? It is like  KGUN 9 TV is scared to death to look at the truth, Amazing!


We know that these persistent contrails contain an amount of aluminum particles that is over 60 times beyond the CDC’s legal safe limit and we know they are causing very many new respiratory problems and making many people very sick. So why has the CDC refused to even comment on this?


 Bill Gates is donating millions to carry out the aerosol geo-engineering plans of David Keith which are already fully in operation and have been for some years. Gates is also donating millions to Monsanto's entire GMO project. (Genetically Modified Crops)

By the way, a very good liver detox for these metal particles  
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Please remember; There is problem which requires revoking a law. (Not impossible and could be easy to do) You see, "Chemtrails" are actualy legal! Please see the law (With it's exceptions) here.

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There will be much more to come very soon!