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         The Amazing Health Benefits of He Shou Wu 
Please note:
 He Shou Wu is classed as a SUPERIOROUR TONIC HERB in the Chinese system. These tonic herbs are not to be taken when you have an infection. (Even though they will help prevent you from getting infections) If you should get a flu or other infection, stop taking them temporarily and use something like Viral Defense until the infection is gone before starting back on He Shou Wu or any tonic herbs. Tonic herbs are good when recuperating from an illness but never during a fever.

He Shou Wu Root (Or "Foti") is a powerful Kidney and Liver Tonic. Its very action of restoring gray hair back to color is testimony to this.  Some people (Though it does not work for everybody) have seen their gray hair completely return to color from using He Shou Wu. However there are a whole host of  more important health benefits surrounding this incredible tonic herb.  Weak painful knees are another sign of kidney deficiency as is lower back pain and low sexual energy. He Shou Wu is quite often the answer to these things!

He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum) often likes to grow in pairs intertwining around each other as seen in photo at left. 

History states that sometime around 800 AD this is what Mr. He saw after he woke up from a drunken sleep in a field. Mr. He was drunk because he was depressed from being impotent all his life. Mr. He said these plants reminded him of two lovers. He dug up the roots of these plants and, as they often do, they remarkably
resembled two humans. (Male and female) He considered this a sign!  

Mr. He was 58 years old at the time. He decided to grind the roots into a powder and take it daily mixed with wine. Within a few months he started having sexual urges and married. Within a year his snow-white hair turned completely black again. 
This is why He Shou Wu means, "Mr. He's Black Hair" in Chinese. 

His wife started taking the powder as well. History says Mr. He fathered 12 children and lived to be 130 years old. His sons also took He Shou Wu.  One was reported to have lived to the age of 150! This is likely true because 
Li Ching Yuen, who dide in 1933 lived to be 197. He also took He Shou Wu daily. 

Our He Shou Wu is from 6-10 year old plants: 

It is prepared traditionally in China by slicing the root shortly after harvesting and then cooking it in black bean soup (in a proportion of 10 parts He Shou Wu to 1 part black beans) until the soup is exhausted. The "prepared" roots are then dried. This is what makes He Shou Wu a tonic worthy of taking for the rest of one's life. This process has been done in this way for around 1,500 years. If the herb is not prepared in this way it will not have the same tonic energy. However raw He Shou Wu is often used to stop acne and can have a strong laxative effect.

He Shou Wu is a tonic for the endocrine glands, it improves health, stamina and resistance to disease. It is used to reduce cholesterol because of its lecithin. It is used for angina pectoris, bloody stools, hypoglycemia, diabetes, night sweating, schizophrenia, chronic bronchitis, epilepsy, head injuries, impotence, malaria, sores, cuts, and ringworm. It promotes red blood cells, helps rid intestinal parasites, and is good f
or resistance to cold.

Studies show that ho-shou-wu extract improves the cardiovascular system, enhances immune functions, slows the degeneration of glands, increases antioxidant activity, and reduces the accumulation of lipid peroxidation. Such findings suggest that ho-shou-wu is helpful in combating some of the processes that lead to conditions characteristic of old age, thereby also reducing the risk of fatal diseases (e.g., cancer) and incidents (e.g., heart attack, stroke). He Shou Wu was shown to have effects on the antioxidant system superoxide dismutase (SOD), accumulation of lipid peroxidase, and enhancement of cell-mediated immune responses, Other antiaging substances studied extensively include Ginseng, Astragalus, Epimedium, Cordyceps, Ganoderma, Siberian Ginseng, and Polygonatum (Huang Jing).

Studies have also demonstrated that various laboratory animals fed He Shou Wu in their diets lived longer than control animals:

Study 1:
 A decoction with He Shou Wu as the main ingredient prolonged thelifespan of fruit flies. At 0.1% strength, the decoction could prolong the lifespan by 5.83%. At 0.5% strength, it could prolong the lifespan by 12.03%.

Study 2:
 He Shou Wu has been shown to slow down the aging of vital organs in aged animals, especially the reproductive organs, the ovary, the uterus and the testicle. The same formula also demonstrated significant results in open human clinical studies.

Study 3:
 In an attempt to prove Shou Wu`s legendary reputation as being able to reverse grey hair to black, Shou Wu liquor (dilute alcohol extract) was given to 36 people with gray hair. 24 completely recovered their dark hair and 8 more showed improvemen
t. The total effective rate was of 88.9%. Also, traditionally this herb is said to increase essence and blood. This combination of attributes indicates that it would increase fertility in a woman and sperm in a man since essence and blood are the two necessary qualities required to bare a child. Both men and women attempting to have children should take He Shou Wu.

Plant Cures He Shou Wu is available in our famous liquid extract (Shown above right) and also in 1/2 pound containers of Raw Slik Fine ground and sifted powder. (far right)

This fine raw powder is the way Mr. He, himself took it. This ultra fine powder was once only achived by sifting slowly through silk cloth but is now done through a special machine process. 

To the inside left of the larger raw powder is our 100 gram jar of 5:1 extract powder. This 5:1 extract is five times as strong as the raw powder and very effective! It also dissolves quickly. - Both extract powder and raw powder are available in 3-pacs for great savings.

I have been taking the raw powder for my daily morning dose - A rounded teaspoon of powder mixed with a smoothie. This can be shaken into just about any liquid but must be shaken in a small jar or something and not stirred as it will not fully desolve.  (The extract will desolve fully) Mr. He mixed his with wine. I sometimes take a tablespoon of the liquid tincture at night which helps me sleep better. 

We also have He Shou Wu 5:1 Extract powder in 500 mg capsules (shown at left)
Our 500 mg capsules are also available in 3-pacs with huge savings!

Just scroll down to order all He Show Wu products!

For all you "science buffs" out there:

 Polygonum multiflorum is being used clinicaly in China for patients suffering from Schizophrenia. It is generally combined with Shen stabilizing herbs such as Ziziphus and Polygonum stem. Reportedly, results have been good.

The tuberous root, the part of the plant used herbally under the name Polygonum multiflorum, contains lecithin and anthraquinones, free or conjugated. The root also contains more than 1.2% of a substance known as 2,3,5,4-tetrahydroxystilbene-2-0-b-D-glucoside, which is considered to be the principle active constituent. 
I am sure there is more!

He Shou Wu  is good to strengthen the muscles and tendons. It is also very beneficial for the nerves. It is used for backaches, knee joint pain, traumatic bruises, To date they have found He Shou Wu contains leucoanthrocyanides (LAC) which are anti-inflammatory, Chrysophanol, Emodin, Rhapontin, Phenolic Glucosides, Nitrogen, Minerals, Starch (up to 50%), Unsaturated Fat, Lecithin, and Oxymethylanthroquinone. (Keep in mind these are only the ones the can identify)There may be hundreds more Remember, "science" does not have all the answers and most of them are wrong anyway!


Research has demonstrated that Polygonum multiflorum can very significantly increase superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity. SOD is a powerful natural antioxidant and free radical scavenger that has been demonstrated to have powerful anti-aging benefits in humans. Polygonum multiflorum also inhibits b -monoamine oxidase (b -MAO). Both of these factors contribute to the anti-aging effects of this herb. 

Polygonum multiflorum has been demonstrated to help strengthen the membranes of erythrocytes (red blood cells) and to promote the growth and development of erythrocytes. Polygonum multiflorum has been found to induce the production in human beings of g-interferon. and neurasthenia. It has been used to lower blood pressure. Many people say it helps them to fall asleep at night also. The list goes on and on!  
This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this site is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a physician. You should consult a physician or health care professional before starting on any supplement or medication if you suspect you may have a health problem  

Both Liquid and powder are just as effective!Also our new 5:1 extract has shown to be as effective as the traditional raw herb or liquid extract and is very easy to take. 

4 Oz liquid at two teaspoons daily will last 12 days. 16 Oz will last 48 days. 1/2 Lb. powder will last about a month at a teaspoon daily. 
A 3 pac of He Shou Wu Extract Caps will last a month (at 3 caps twice daily) and a 100 gram jar of the extract powder will last a little more than a month. It compleatly dissolves in liquid quickly and does not taste bad! A 3-pac of extract powder will last about 3 1/2 months. A 100 Gram jar will make 200 "00" caps (500 mgs each) so a 3-pac will make 600 caps.

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