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Two Formulas for Anxiety and Depression:
An Shen Bu Xin Wan and our own "Calm Down" (See below)

An Shen Bu Xin Wan also known as:
"Calm the Spirit Tonify the Heart Formula"
The descriptions below are from the Traditional Chinese and or "Folk Medicine" use of  herbs provided for information and not intended to replace advice from a medical doctor or to replace any drugs that are FDA approved.

An Shen is often used for: Anxiety Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder,  Bipolar Mood Disorder, Phobias, Hallucinations, “Clinical” Depression, Insomnia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sleepwalking, Sleep Disorders, Arrhythmia, Tachycardia, Hyperthyroidism, Detoxification, Menopausal Syndrome.

This herbal formula has been clinically developed in china over hundreds of years. InTCM terms it addresses the Shen. The Shen is a combination of our mind and spirit. It is developed by both our Jing ( essence and life root) and our Chi. (Life force energy)  It gives us our will and our conscience. Our Shen depends on a healthy Jing and healthy free flowing Chi to make the right decisions in life and to contribute to the world. I have seen this work for so many people with many disorders of the shen as listed above. 

More physically and pathologically speaking, It addresses the Heart and Liver. Also in TCM terms it addresses Yin and Blood deficiency, deficient heat and Liver Yang rising, with severe disturbance of the Shen and Hun. Presenting with anxiety, palpitations, insomnia, excessive dreaming, nightmares, dream disturbed sleep, panic attacks, irritability, restlessness, agitation, emotional instability and lack of control, an over-active and restless mind, poor memory and concentration, forgetfulness, dizziness and the common syndrome of heart and kidneys not communicating.

We have made this formula from scratch as raw medicine and also in tinctured form at Plant Cures but it winds up getting a bit expensive! (And sure doesn’t taste too great) 
Manufactured in China , from the freshest herbs, these GMP Aproved Premium Chinese Herbal Medicines save you lots of money and bring you a powerful product! These “Tea pills” are made from fresh herbs which are water and alcohol extracted then concentrated, dried and tumbled into round pills using absolutely no fillers! They are polished only by the tumbling processes leaving you only pure concentrated herbs! These are lab tested in the USA and guaranteed to be free of any heavy metals or contaminants. 

Dose: 8 pills 3 X daily. There are 200 smaller pills in each bottle insted of 100 - The smaller pill is for better weight- dose accuracy.
Ingredients: Margaritifera concha shell, Salvia miltiorrhiza root, Eclipta prostrata herb, Cuscuta chinensis seed, Schisandra chinensis fruit, Acorus gramineus rhizome. - Zhen zhu mu, Nu zhen zi, Dan shen, Han lian cao, Tu si zi, Wu wei zi, Shi chang pu.

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1 Bottle An Shen Bu Xin Wan $19.95
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