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Tincture of Wolf Berries (Go Qi Zhi)

We make a very strong and effective Gou Qi Zhi tincture made from organic berries which is sold in 4 oz and 16 oz bottles. This tincture (Shown at right) is a true fast acting, liquid extract. These liquid extracts are concentrated by using organic food alcohol for extracting all the wonderful components from the most potent natural source of carotids (including beta carotene) of any plant in the world!


As a result the tinctures carry all this great stuff into the bloodstream many times more quickly then by simply eating the berries. The liver then quickly accepts and utilizes 100% of these components. (Nothing is lost at the end of digestion) This is the beauty of tinctures.

In TCM terms these Wolfberries are one of the healthiest ways of applying the balancing of Yin to an otherwise Yang excess situation but in western terms we would ask, “So how can one use these berries as medicine?” Well lets take a look…


1: Digestion

 A teaspoon of the tincture is taken about ½ to 1 ½ hours before eating (Especially if you know you are going to be “overeating” with rich foods and ice cream or something) it will almost never fail to prevent those terrible stomach symptoms of “Oh my gosh why did I eat all that” 


Another example of this is eating extremely spicy foods such as jalapeño peppers that are really hot and finding out that they don’t even seem to burn after you have taken these berries ½ hour earlier.


2: A Superior Tonic for the Liver, Kidneys and for Amazing Longevity!

Wolfberries are part of all Plant Cures longevity formulas and there are reports of people living  amazingly long lives who have eaten these berries as a main part of their diet. One person, notably Li Ching Yun, was reported in newspapers all over the world in 1933 for his ultra long life of 197 years. The Chinese government claims 256 years but I doubt it! (You know China) 

The berries combine beautifully with the herb
He Shou Wu as a restoring plant source to the energy in both the liver and kidneys. It is this restoration to the liver and kidneys that makes us keep on living as if we were much younger. Combining He Shou Wu and Wolfberries is what Li Ching Yun did (in part) to achieve such a long life of 197 years.


3: proven to be effective for making healthy beautiful skin.


4: Preventing Environmental Heat Problems

When Wolfberries are taken on those hot days while working hard or playing hard the heat becomes much less overwhelming.This combines perfect with Siberian Gensing for this. Also the embarrassing problem of excessive sweating is often stopped beautifully.  

5:Used For Poor Eyesight

Poor eyesight is usually associated with an over heated liver even if the problem is cataracts or glaucoma. While not a complete cure for these Wolfberries can help with the symptoms very well. Many people have reported better eyesight over-all even sometimes to the point of no longer needing corrective glasses or the stopping of night blindness or even color blindness. This is darn good stuff for the eyes! Part of this may be because Wolfberries contain the highest source of Beta-carotene found in anything natural.


6: Helps Sexual Problems and Enhances Energy

If you are young (Or old) and enjoy a lot of heated sexual activity with your spouse then you should know that the word “heated” is more than just a phrase. Sex is a very hot Yang activity and body heat is at max going upward to the head just before and during orgasm as the heat is released. (Male or female) Often some people will experience a very sharp headache inconveniently right around the time of orgasm. This can be stopped if wolfberries (Or a teaspoon of the tincture) is taken an hour or so before. It also provides more sexual energy by not letting the heat strain you. Also a Yin reaction of the berries will provide better moisture where needed making sex less painful and more fun! The list of benefits from these berries goes on and on.....

Organic Wolfberry Tincture 4 oz bottle $34.95
Organic Wolfberry Tincture 16 oz bottle $99.80 You Save $40.00!