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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Our Christian Faith
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My Statement Of Faith)

So many well meaning pastors and other Christians have requested to know how I "justify" what I practice with my Christian faith. You will hopefuly see that there is nothing to justify at all but a correcting of some  misunderstandings is sure needed! I believe that God wants to bless His people with true God given healing through His plants and without  Big Pharma.   Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is a truly great and God given way to do this! 
Please read carefully . . . . .

So many times Christians (Including myself) get “on a mission” to stop all the lurking cults out there. A mission to stop the lies that lure us into a false sense of security that something is of God when it is really of Satan. Well God knows there is a lot of that kind of thing out there. However, where is TCM in all of this? Are "deities" and demons involved? Is a carefully orchestrated satanic plan to lead us away from salvation in Jesus Christ at the helm? Are years of superstition and sacrificing virgins to the fire part of TCM? Well not the TCM I know. However, the Bible says, “Judge them by their fruits”.  Let's take a look at their fruits:

TCM has a long and strong record of healing and bringing about balance in peoples lives. It is still the preferred medicine by the people of China simply because unlike Big Pharma, it heals and does no harm.

You may have just noted that we (The US)  had to borrow an ungodly amount of money from China to try and bail our own country out of debt. Yes, part of China may be an “evil empire” but other parts of that nation are yielding fruits that we can sadly not survive without.

The true root of TCM goes back about 4,000 years to the Taoists who came up with the theory of yin and yang, of a life force in God’s creation called Qi, (Or Chi) a defining of the five elements in God's creation (Water, wood, fire, earth and metal) and most importantly the concept of a creator for all of these things (The One who holds Yin an Yang and everything in the universe together) whom they called the Sheng Di which translates into "Heavenly Father/Creator." 

So are we stating that Qi is one in the same with the Holy Spirit? Absolutely and definitely not! I have heard this bizarre statement before from some very confused people and then I begin to understand why some think TCM is a cult! Qi is just the flow of God’s creative energy living within us and all that He created. I believe it is the created force of life that God breathed into Adam and all the living creatures God created before man. In TCM there are two kinds of Qi in our bodies: These are what the TCM herbal doctor calls  “Earth Qi” or digestive Qi derived from what we eat and “Heaven Qi” derived from the air we breathe

Now Please Note!  These concepts (Yin,Yang, Qi, and the 5 elements) from these great philosiphers truly did point to God and his wonderful creations in many ways. Also these concepts became a wonderful foundation for the greatest medical system on earth. However, This does NOT mean I stand behind everything in the Book Of Tao! (Quite the contrary) They did not know God as did the Rabbis in Israel at the time. I simply find it amazing that they Reasoned that there was a loving creator! Also I would like to point out that these wise men (The Taoists) were just philosiphers and were not any kind of "religeous cult" as many would have you believe. Remember, Traditional Chinese Medicine has nothing to do with Aryuveda (The traditional medicine of India ) which truly does have ties to a demonic world. (although there herbs are fine - just more of Gods creation)

Qi or Chi (pronounced chee) is a difficult concept to translate. It’s usually left un-translated because there is no single English word that conveys all parts of the Chinese concept. The word that comes closest is energy.
Qi flows throughout the body in currents or conduits called channels or meridians or in Chinese; the Jing Luo. There are fourteen main channels and these possess the most commonly used acupuncture points. Twelve of these channels connect to a yin or yang organ from which they derive their name.

For example, the wood element’s yin organ is the liver. The liver channel runs from the foot (Between the big toe and the next) up the inside of the leg, along the center of one-half of the abdomen and goes inside below the sixth rib. Inside it connects to the liver and the gallbladder, goes up through the diaphragm, up to the throat, then the eyes and terminates at the vertex of the skull. There are two branches from the liver channel. One which connects to the inside of the lips and one which connects with the lung.

This is simply a study of the flow of the energy created in us. There is nothing “spiritual” in it at all except for a wonderful acknowledgment that a loving Heavenly Father created all this within us. This is nothing different than the western knowledge of anatomy being known and then being thankful to our loving God for His wisdom in creating it.

Then there are, of course, God’s first living creations on Earth to be considered: These are what we call the plants and herbs. Just like all creation in the universe, Animal, vegetable or mineral, water wood fire earth and metal, these created plants are all subject to yin and yang.
Aha!  Yin and yang! Now we are getting to the cult material right?Well if day and night, hot and cold, big and small, wet and dry, in and out, servant and master etc. is a sign of a cult then we are all in big trouble! Yin and yang are simply a completed “ball of energy” called the Tai Qi by the Taoists symbolizing all that is under Gods creation from one end to the other. Is that so hard and mysterious to understand?

FiveOK, now we gotcha! What about that “satanic pentagram” looking thing you always see in TCM books? This is simply a chart explaining the way the body’s five main systems symbolized by the five elements affect each other. The 5 systems genarate (Support) each other as a continuing circle eg. Liver (Wood) supports heart (Fire) as heart supports stomach and spleen (Earth) etc. The lines inside the circle show the organs that can overcome (Work against) each other in disharmony.  Since there are five organ systems the lines inside will naturally form a “star”. This chart simply explains the functions of TCM diagnostics and is quite a valuable learning tool.

The Taoists certainly did not ‘”worship” the five elements. If anything they worshiped the Sheng Di (Heavenly Father/creator) who created the 5 elements. However cults like the druids and wiccans who worship satan and the 5 elements perverted this wonderful early medical chart and used it for their symbol drawing the head of a goat (Symbolizing satan) within the “star”. Satan will always try to pervert a good or Godly thing.

As with everything in existence, all herbs are subject to yin and yang and have hot or cold, wet or dry (etc.-etc.) energies. A good herbalist can taste and determine these energies on his tongue or feel a hot or cold energy in his body after ingesting part of the plant. This is how over the last 3,000 years eight thousand plants were grouped into their categories of yin and yang and also how the organ systems that the plants affected were determined.

In its very basics TCM states that a healthy body will have a perfect balance of yin and yang. When there is any disease or disorder there is a yin or yang factor that is out of balance. As an example, fever is yang (heat) overtaking yin (cold) . The answer is to ingest a plant with strong yin energy or cooling factors. There is nothing “spiritual” here, just good common sense.  

So what about those “evil” acupuncture needles? Is this some kind of "Chinese Voodoo"? Remember the pathways that Qi (our God given life energy) flows through? Well the herbs are the medicine to change, within our bodies, hot into cold, wet into dry, etc., and these herbal energies travel through these pathways or meridians carrying energy that can correct many imbalances. (This is why TCM herbal medicine is often called “Energy Medicine” It is only logical, nothing “deep" and "out there”)
Tracing the flow of the plant’s energy through the meridians we find there are some places where it can get a bit “stuck” sometimes. Inserting needles into these points just helps get things unstuck. Again there is nothing “spiritual” involved, just plain logic. What is not logical is these modern “acupuncturists” that don’t know the first thing about TCM herbal medicine. The first and foremost tool in TCM is our God given plants. I have no Idea how or why so many “acupuncturists” have put the cart before the horse. The TCM doctor is considered the herbal doctor, period. (However many of these acupuncturists have become very good with un-sticking Qi)

Now when we consider other kinds of “alternative” medicine besides herbs and TCM do we give it all the same pass? Not on your life!  Aryuveda (The traditional medicine of India) definitely has ties to deities and demons and was originally based on the dung and urine of animals for treatment mostly.  However, now they use mostly herbs and their herbal medicine does work but.... "No thanks just the same!" Heres why:  

Deepak Chopra (The self proclaimed modern "guru" of aryuveda writes, ". . . the seeds of God are inside us. . . . When we make the journey of the spirit, we water these divine seeds. . . . In the eyes of the spirit, everyone is innocent, in all senses of the word. Because you are innocent, you have not done anything that merits punishment or divine wrath." . . .  I'm sorry folks but that just sounds like satan to me! - "All our righteousness are as filthy rags" (Is. 64:6),  "There is none righteous, no not one" (Rom. 3:10). These scriptures refer to our self-righteousness, which can never bring us into fellowship with God because "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Rom. 3:23). I am afraid Deepak is in for a very nasty suprise!

TCM herbal medicine is truly a gift from God (No mater who came up with it) It is a gift to all mankind and therefore I believe Christians should benefit from it the most! There is, however, also a whole cesspool of “gobbly-gook” out there in the world of "alternative medicine" so we must be very careful to not let any of the wrong hands be laid on us.  However nothing comes as close to the root of all evil as our very own Big Pharma! Think about it! This is the most important part of the story and can be read by going here:
Big Pharma And Our Christian Faith