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Any CDs listed with the artist's name as “Chris Brian Gussa” are all instrumental and offer many gifts to film production. They just need to be listened to carefully by film producers on all levels to visualize the applications of which there are endless possibilities. This is why we have made all CDs available in full for sample with just one click via YouTube! (Please keep in mind that YouTube's sound quality is not the best) However the original CDs which you will receive are all crystal clear and bright with full range perfect sound for any demanding video production.
We could go on and on and talk about each music track until you were thoroughly confused or we could just give you some simple guidelines and let you listen yourself. So let’s get started………

The album entitled “Guitars Of The Blue Cantina” ( left) is very much associated with a Southwestern feel. Most tracks have a Flamenco style lead guitar followed by a bright and at times “screaming” electric guitar style which shifts the production to a blues/rock feel but still keeps only strong Latin rhythms. Please keep this in mind any time you see the small “Guitars Of The Blue Cantina” logo by a track.


The albums,  “Full Moon In Cancun” (Left) and “Tails Of The Flamenco Surfer” (right) are full of what a style that became known as the “Flamenco Surf” sound. This sound is so well suited for any beach, Tropical Island, surfing event, surfing documentary, or just about any scene where the ocean is involved. But it is not limited to that at all. As a hint it also works out very well for most any party scene and works out very well when Hot Rod or Muscle Cars are in the scene. Remember to look for the logos shown next to the track on YouTube. 

A third Flamenco Surf style album called “Christmas In Paradise” is also available. This is the same basic sound but with  Classic Christmas songs used as the melody line of each track. Flamenco style lead guitar runs all through this album. You really need to listen to this for it's many aplacations to Christmas party scenes as well as depicting Winter in tropicle places. There are many posabalities with this album so I highly recomend film producers give this a good listen.

The album at left entitled “Flamenco On The Rocks” is full of music that could be applied to so many different film scene scenarios. The styles are so versatile that I could not attempt to explain it here. (Visuals like: "Happy, sad, rain, big war ships of old, Jazz clubs, Fiesta, Pruvian Natives and others are revealed on the music) Please just give all the tracks a listen and see what you could do with them. I think you will find much of this album very visually descriptive through production of sound alone!   


    So now we come to the music of my “evil twin” known as Chris “Uncle Gus” Gussa......

Most of these productions contain “vocals” within the music. The reason “vocals” is in quotes is I am not really a singer! I guess I can “carry a tune” OK but my strongest point is just the character within my voice. I have always said that singing is a good excuse to take a lead guitar solo! As a guitarist for almost 60 years now I have lived by that! However the “character thing” can lend itself well to many movie scenes.


The album known as “Hotter’n Yazzar’s Hooey” is about half vocal and half instrumental. So many styles are in this including a “String Swing” style from the 30’s and 40’s, (Fits a 30’s gangster scene great!) Bluegrass Flat Pickin’, and I am not quite sure what you would call the rest of it. But it is all quite visual and film producers should defiantly give this a listen.


Now the album called “Turn Up The Blues-a-lator” has got so many possibilities for scenes that I don’t know where to began. Smoke filled bars, down on your luck, dangerous gang streets, whore houses, black churches homeless people – Just give it all a listen, you’ll see what I mean.

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