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Our "Mission" at Plant Cures Inc.

At Plant Cures our beliefs have always been based on the fact that we take the Bible very seriously when it plainly says. "God has given us the leaves for medicine". I believe pharmaceutical drugs are the end time sorcery (Having the Greek name of ‘Pharmacia”) that is spoken of throughout the Bible. As a Christian and an Herbalist, I plainly feel that God has given us the plants of the Earth as our medicine and that it is not intended for us to use anything else. So in a single sentence, "I feel that our mission is to help people find their way back to health via the way God intended". 

My studies in TCM and herbal medicine in general were not a logical step in the direction of where I wanted my career to go at all. I was a musician and recording producer with some pretty good success so I had always assumed my career would head in that direction. Well apparently God had other plans! The story of how I first experienced healing with plants due to a quest for a cure for my Viral Pneumonia and ultimately leading to my decision to become a Clinical Herbalist 
can be read here.


After this experience and quite a few years back I opened a walk-in herbal store where I was a functioning  TCM herbal "doctor". I operated this store for about 10 years and I think I ran charts and saw almost everyone in our community! (in and around the dusty little town of BensonArizona)

It was a wonderful experience to see people healed of many diverse disorders, sometimes even major  diseases just by using traditional herbs.  I even made friends with a few local MD's that realized this stuff works! (But they all soon forgot! They had to get back to all that money from pushing drugs for Big Pharma)

The only problem was I started seeing less and less people being in need! They were all getting healthy!  (A great thing but that meant "less and less" customers)

I have been offered many great paying positions as a Clinical Herbalist in large clinics etc. if I would just move to the city!...
Move to the city?? ....That's like asking me to just step in front of a moving train! I love our organic garden (and my dear wife who takes care of it), Long walks amongst the plants and herbs, my horses, my dogs, fresh clean air, everything about the country! There is no way I am ever leaving this! 

So in my desire to reach out with herbal healing (Without leaving the countryside) I have looked to the World Wide Web as the logical answer.


As a result, with prayer and faithful tithing, God has blessed this site and business beyond my imagination and so we will continue to serve Him and continue to serve those in need of natural health and healing as well. 

Thank you so very much for visiting this site. I wish you all the very best of health, and may God truly bless you! Chris Gussa