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                           Meet Christopher Gussa "The Herb Doc"
"I only have one question: The FDA is pushing GMO food down our throats; Anything wholesome and good is treated like it should be illegal; The doctors are being trained to poison us with deadly prescriptions; The government prefers artificial clouds to real weather; The bees are being poisoned to death from all of this insanity and “science” claims it is all to make a better world for us! Who is crazy here?"  Chris Gussa 
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Hi folks, My name is Chris Gussa. I am 65 years old and this is my 11 year old mustang, Cherokee. Behind me and Cherokee is our beautiful land in Cochise County, near the dusty little town of Benson, Arizona where The West is still The West!
I am 100% American, an Arizona cattle rancher, (organic grass-fed) a Certified Clinical Herbalist, a Certified TCM Herbal Practitioner, and a born again Bible Believing Christian. I am also a music worship leader and do the website for our Cowboy Church here in Cochise County which can be seen here.

You can email me with any questians and I will try to answer you as best as I can. However be advised that I can only answer those that I feel I can truly help.  I get over 50 emails daily and just can't answer them all. Keep them short with one or two questions only. Thanks!
Please understand I can not help anyone who is still seeing an MD or taking their drugs! 

I am 
fed up with BS
from this government and I will speak my mind when I have to! I am not at all woried about being "P.C." I believe the Bible and I believe in the Cowboy Way.

I am losing patience faster and faster with people that buy the lie from their doctors and take all the mind altering, body disfiguring, sex changing, parkinsonism causing, "TURN YOU INTO A MINDLESS ROBOT POISON PILLS" called prescription drugs.  THEN when they realize they allowed themselves to be reduced to a mere shell of a human they ask me to tell them what herbs they need to "magically" change them back to being a real healthy human as God intended.  YET they still go back to their doctors to get such things as “test results" thinking that only the almighty BS-technical world of deadly false positives, hormone replacement, MRI’s, cut out your gallbladder, phony cholesterol BS, etc. will give you the only true story. In other words they are programmed to get right back under the systems control like MINDLESS ROBOTS.  People just don't get it!

One way people can began to “Get it” is to get a copy of my book “His Hand Has Provided” It’s a fun and easy read and it tells it like it is. OK, so what do I take, eat and do for exercise?  

What are my "politics"? -
Click here to see a video that everyone should see
 Be sure to see both paintings with videos (Be sure to also turn up your speakers and click to watch in full size.  It is OK to cry even if you're a cowboy!)

How Did I Get Into Healing With Herbs?Chris

The story of how I first experienced healing with plants due to a quest for a cure to my Viral Pneumonia and ultimately leading to my decision to become a Clinical Herbalist can be read here.

After this extremely encouraging healing due to a single plant, I set out to learn all I could about medicinal plants. And learn I did!  I became quite a Botanist by reading hundreds of books and collecting in the wild. The next step was to become a Certified Master Herbalist which I earned at The School of Natural Healing With Herbs. I started by helping neighbors out with herbs and formulas I created with mostly the local herbs of the southwest.

My son and I were studying Martial Arts inTucson at the time so a few people inTucson knew of my talents for healing with plants. "Somehow" ( I know it was God!) I got an invitation to attend a special course on Traditional Chinese Medicine for MDs at the University of Arizona Medical Center. (I was never an MD)This course was taught by the late Doctor Wen Zee, both a Western MD cardiologist and a Traditional Chinese Doctor. The opportunity was unbelievable and I learned so much from Dr. Wen Zee. He hated Pharmaceuticals by the way! 

My Wife, My Music, and Other Stuff:

My wife, Heidi (left) on her 6 year old quarterhorse, "Star" is a gifted nutritionist. Our clinic could not have succeeded with out her! Our dog, Alex “The Mooch” (above) Is our chief acupuncturist (kidding)

I am besides a Clinical Herbalist, a very dedicated musician, composer and producer of many styles of music.  I have played guitar from the age of five. My wife is also a talented musician and singer.

Here is a link to some free samples of my music

By the way, I also love old Buicks! Please check out my "Big Bad Buicks"site - Just click on the Classic '49 Buick Roadmaster picture below


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