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     Li Ching Yuen Lived To Be 197!


 New York Times   May 6, 1933


“Keep a Quiet Heart, Sit Like a Tortoise, Sleep Like a Dog,” His Advice for a Long Life.

li_chingInquiry Put Age At 256.

Reported to have buried 23 wives and had 180 descendents – sold herbs for first 100 years.

Peiping, May 5 – Li Ching-Yun, a resident of Kaihsien, in the Province of Szechwan, who contended that he was one of the world’s oldest men and said he was born in 1736 – which would make him 197 years old – died today.

A Chinese dispatch from Chungking telling of Mr. Li’s death said he attributed his longevity to peace of mind and that it was his belief every one could live at least a century by attaining inward calm.

Compared with estimates of Li Ching-yun’s age in previous reports from China the above dispatch is conservative. In 1930 it was said Professor Wu Chung-chien, dean of the department of Education inMinkuo University, had found records showing Li was born in 1677 and that Imperial Chinese Government congratulated him on his 150th and 200th birthdays.

A correspondent of The New York Times wrote in 1928 that many of the oldest men in Li’s neighborhood asserted their grandfathers knew him as boys and that he was then a grown man.

According to the generally accepted tales told in his province. Li was able to read and write as a child, and by his tenth birthday had traveled in Kansu, Shansi,Tibet, Annam, Siam and Manchuria gathering herbs. For the first hundred years he continued at this occupation. Then he switched to selling herbs gathered by others.

Wu Pei-fu, the warlord, took Li into his house to learn the secret of living to 250. Another pupil said Li told him to “keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.”

According to one version of Li’s married life he had buried away twenty-three wives and was living with his twenty-fourth, a woman of ’60.’ Another account, which in 1928 credited him with 180 living descendents, comprising eleven generations, recorded only fourteen marriages. This second authority said his eyesight was good; also, that the finger nails of his right hand were very long, and “long” for a Chinese might mean longer than any finger nails ever dreamed of in the United States.

One statement of The Times correspondent which probably caused skeptical readers to believe Li was born more recently that 1677, was that “many who have seen him recently declare that his facial appearance is no different from that of persons two centuries his junior.”

The column to the left is the New York Times article exactly as it appeared. Newspapers all over the world reported his death!

There is always truth and some non-truth in these kind of things. I for one do not believe he lived to be 256 as the Chinese government trys to say.  I do believe he was born when he said he was (1736) - Not 1677! Why would he lie about that and pretend he was younger then he was? This would not make sense.

According to all the data I could find, It seems that Li Ching Yun consumed mostly a diet of wild plants and fruit. There is evidence that he ate fish often and wild meat occasionally. (Feasting on deer meat about two times a year)

The herbs that he consumed regularly were He Shou Wu, Wild Ginseng, Chinese Wolfberries and Wu Wei Zi. He ate the berries raw and cooked the He Shou Wu with the Ginseng. 
It is also known that he consumed Guta Kola
regularly both fresh as a salad and brewed as a tea.

There is also some evidence that he may have also put these five herbs (With a little Licorice root) in strong liquor as a tincture and drank a swallow or two every day.

If I had to say which single herb from these had the most "anti-aging" properties I would have to say He Shou Wu
But Chinese Wolfberries would be very close!

Read an article by Li Ching Yuen himself!

n the fifties, the Domestic and Foreign Magazine reported the story of a Li Qing yun in Sichuan province, who died at the age of 250 (250 is not likely truthfull) in 1930. It’s more then possible this is the same Li Ching Yun mentioned above.

In his own account (from an interview in the 1920's) Li says; 

  “When I was 139 years old, and before I met my Master, I could still walk and do the power walk, as if I practiced Chinese martial arts. As a result some people thought I might be a deity or an accomplished swordsman.

At the time I thought it was really amusing. I think the reason that I have lived this long and am still perpetually healthy is because nothing has irritated me since I was 40 years old. Because of that, my heart is very calm, peaceful and divinely tranquil. That is why I am free from any illness, and always healthy and happy.

At the age of fifty when I went to a mountain to collect some herbs, I met an elderly man who lived on the secluded mountain. He didn't appear to be a supernormal man, but he took big strides when he walked, as if he was flying in the air. No matter how hard I tried, I could not keep up with him. Later, I met him again. I knelt before him and begged for his secret. He gave me some wild fruits and said, “My only secret is that I only eat these fruits.” I took the fruits, and found that they were Chinese Wolfberries. Since then I consumed three qian of Chinese Wolfberries daily (a qian is the weight used to measure Chinese medicine which is equal to five grams). From then on I became healthy and agile. I can walk a hundred li (a li equals half a kilometer) and not feel tired. I became better in strength and stamina than an average person.”