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 Haws Heart Rite

This Simple two herb formula (Hawthorn and Siberian Ginseng) can provide you with much more energy while in many cases bringing blood pressure down beautifully. When the BP problem is mostly heart related this formula is often all it ever takes.

However, often blood pressure is also envolved with the kidneys which requires a formula like Eucommiae Compound. This formula ( Eucommiae Compound) combines very well with Haws Heart Rite.

We always say to take Haws Heart Rite twice daily but take your last dose a few hours before bed as the energy can sometimes keep you awake

This product will soon be available in capsule form!

Haws Heart Rite 4 Oz Bottle $29.95  
Haws Heart Rite 16 Oz Bottle $89.95 You Save $30!