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"His Hand Has Provided" 
A Christian Cowboy's Guide To Nutrition and Natural Healing With Herbs

 You don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate this book and if you are not, you will not feel “preached down to” in any way. However if you are a Christian you will have many “wake-up moments” that tend to kind of say, “Wow! How can I claim to live a Christian life and do that to my body?” Or, “Why have I been accepting the lies of the drug companies and not listening to God?”

The author also goes into much detail about the history of the American cowboy’s contribution to our knowledge of herbal medicine as well as his common-sense living. (Showing many of the herbs they used and how to apply them today) There is a thread of humor running through it as it often refers to the way an 1800’s cowboy would look at such things as modern health ideas, processed foods, and the way doctors push deadly drugs for most everything.  


This book blatantly attacks the pharmaceutical industry and plainly shows that their plan is to ruin your health by pretending they are looking out for your health. The author boldly speaks out on this horrifying situation that most people are not fully aware of. However, it more than makes up for it by providing references to the use of many herbs as natural medicine. It fully exposes Monsanto and the GMO takeover of our food supply but it shows you many ways to get around it and above it.

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At this link you can read Chapter Two; “The Satanic Attack On Our Food Supply" in its entirety. 

Read  "My Personal Expereinces With Tian Qi" from "His Hand Has Provided"

These four following "case histories" had nothing to do with ANY of my patients but had everything to do with ME and my own misfortunes! And I promise  you, nothing is made up here (I wish it was!), I only hope I don't get the "privilege" of having any more personal reasons to brag about the amazing healing powers of this herb.


Please always remember though, if you have broken bones, let a doctor set them for you before you begin herbal treatments. This is one of the few good things doctors still do when they are not busy pushing dangerous drugs!


Case 1:

Shortly after I got my first practice together as a Clinical Master Herbalist I made some good friends out in ChinaTown, S.F. and established some very good Chinese bulk herb trading. Suddenly I had everything that I studied about over the last few years at my finger tips and not a moment too soon!

I didn’t have many patients yet so I had some time do a little upkeep around our little ranch. We have a chicken coop made out of that old style corrugated steel that a lot of roofs are made out of and I thought those poor chickens could use another window.

After marking the window space I started cutting it with a jig saw. Things were going fine until I heard the whistling sound of an Arizona dust devil right behind me. There were quite a bit of big metal shavings from the jig saw all over the freshly exposed window ledge. The twister picked them up and fired them at me like a machine gun! I felt something go into my eye.

It didn’t hurt all that much at first and I figured it would just wash it self out so I finished the window hole and went in the house to check on my eye.

I got one of those magnifying mirrors and a magnifying glass to look at my eye and I saw this little “spike” with about a quarter of an inch of it sticking out from the middle of my eye. It was located right in the cornea.

Tweezers were the first thing I tried but the metal must have been barbed from the cutting. It just kind of stretched my eye as I pulled and man did it hurt! I thought about just yanking it out fast but I realized I might pull a bit of my eye out with it and besides I almost stabbed my eye with those tweezers the first time!

 Next, I tried a magnet since it was steel and that hurt worse with no luck getting it out.

Suddenly I remembered all the lessons and stories I heard about raw Tian QI powder and how the Chinese used this for many kinds of injuries. Mostly it is used to direct the blood, stop bleeding without clotting, and yet speed up blood flow where it is needed. All this while helping stop pain. Almost, I thought, like it had a healing desire of its own.

I remembered hearing how it is still issued to Asian soldiers today for stopping bleeding from bullet wounds. Also I had heard that in many cases it somehow could pull or push or “float” the bullet to the surface due to the “directing” of blood from this herb.

I hadn’t seen a western doctor in 10 years or more and I wasn’t going to start my new herbal practice off by going to one now!

I decided to use some raw Tian Qi powder and boil it in water until I had a nice warm “gooey” substance and placed it into my eye. I then covered my eye with a stick-on bandage and decided to go to bed and see what happened in the morning.

When I woke up the bandage had fallen off and I could not open my eye. It was cemented together by the Tian Qi that had dried like glue on the outside of my eye. It was as hard as a rock. I put some hot water on it until it softened and I could feel my eye start to open. Then I realized I had crunchy dried pieces of Tian Qi inside my eye. I washed them out with a cloth and got the old magnifying mirror out and looked at my eye. Praise God, The spike was gone. I looked at the rag with the crunchy stuff on it and there was a little metal spike with a definite nasty looking barbed edge!

If I had gone to a hospital it would have to have been surgically removed along with a not so small piece of my eye. However, the floating, moving, and directing action of the Tian Qi gently some how “wiggled” the barbed steel out of there.

My eye felt great and I was prouder than I could be of that Chinese Tian Qi root and my God who created it.


Case 2:

Only a few weeks later I was building some rustic Southwestern furniture in my shop (which was what I did for a living before I became an herbalist) I was ripping some old barn-wood boards on my table saw and apparently I had missed removing an old nail out of one of them.  Suddenly, something hit me in the middle of the forehead and knocked me to my knees! I thought someone had just shot me in the head! I became unconscious for a few seconds and when I got up there was a quite a stream of blood running down me. I came in the house and almost scared my wife to death!

We washed everything out and didn’t see any piece of nail in my head but it just did not want to stop bleeding. I covered the hole with Tian Qi powder and the bleeding stopped almost immediately. I also drank a little Tian Qi “tea” as I thought this would help with the pain (I really had a nasty headache!) and also I thought it would speed up the healing. I soon felt only a tingling numbness in my head with very little pain.

The next day it had not clotted over but yet the bleeding had stopped and there was only a light pink bit of fluid around the wound so I thought I would wash it out and put some more Tian Qi on it. As I was washing it I heard something metallic hit the tile floor. I looked down and it was not a nail at all. It was a large tooth from the saw blade that broke off from hitting the nail and had hit me like a bullet!  The saw blade had been turning at about 10,000 RPMs so it hit me at the speed of a bullet. My head healed without a scar. and I don’t think I even got any “Drain Bammage” but one is never sure!


Case 3:

I don’t know why but I guess I have always been a little accident prone. Also somebody said things happen a lot in threes! Well this next incident happened about a year later when I was again at the table saw. I was ripping some boards for more shelving for my herbal supply this time.

It was getting a little dark and I had not turned the lights on yet but I only had one more shelf to make so I cut it. After the cut, I reached down to move a piece of debris from the saw table and stuck my left thumb right into the spinning saw blade! It knocked me back against the wall and when I looked at my thumb, the top part of it (half way to the first knuckle) was just hanging by a thin piece of skin.

I held my thumb back in place, walked into the house and once again I about scared my wife to death. However she was getting a little used to it by now.

I thought about how Tian Qi has a way of “directing” blood flow and that if I just put a lot of Tian Qi powder between my two thumb pieces and some how could “weld” or “cement” something around my thumb to hold it in place it would grow back together. I decided that Comfrey root powder mixed with vodka was the perfect cement. (It is almost like rubber glue) In my practice, I used to call this “Liquid Stitches” and had used it to heal and hold deep cuts together on animals and humans. It would dry soon so I covered my thumb with it and made a kind of protective brace with two sticks and some tape and went to bed.

The next morning it was leather hard around my thumb and it didn’t hurt all that much. Later that day it dried much harder and since the “comfrey cement” was all the way around my thumb it started to cut my circulation off a bit so I peeled it off slowly to change it. I noticed that my thumb sections were already netting together so I put more Tian Qi around the raw areas and cemented around it again with the Comfrey glue or “Liquid Stitches”. I kept this up for about one week. It healed beautifully.

There is only a slighthttp://plantcures.com/Around.html dent in my thumb now and it is just a little shorter than the other one since a little “meat” was taken off the thumb from the saw. My thumbnail was never lost and I have good feeling in my thumb except for a tiny bit of tingling in spots when I touch it just right.

I always wondered what an emergency room doctor would have done. Would I still have my entire thumb? I don’t think so.


Case 4

Well, this last case just happened only a few months ago as of this writing! (Just for all you wonderful readers I guess) Keep in mind; this is about twenty years after case # 3


I was using a chain saw to cut a bunch of Nopalitas cactus “trees” at the trunks that had died from a hard winter freeze. The trunks were hard in most places but had a few rotten soft places in them as well. I was cutting on one that was up against a brick wall so I had to make the cut come towards me away from the wall…..Well you guessed it. I hit a soft spot in the cactus and the chain (running at full speed) came straight through into my left leg just above my knee.


It was a perfect hit! It left about a 4 inch long by half inch deep by half inch wide open gash. I limped quietly into the house and asked my wife if she could go to the office for me and bring back some Tian Qi powder.  She actually kept very calm and asked, “So what did you do this time?” I told her and she came back with the Tian Qi in about one minute.


I took of my pants and was sitting there in my shorts while watching it bleed pretty fast. When I poured the Tian Qi powder into the wound, it stopped bleeding immediately. Just then a cowboy friend of ours who was working on our fence line walked in. He saw me with blood still all over my leg and asked if I needed him to take me to the hospital. My wife just laughed and said, “Oh, you don’t want to ask Chris that” We all just sat around laughing (What else can you do?) and I realized at that time that I was no longer in any pain.


Just a few minnutes later a friend drove up on his tractor to help us smooth out our dirt driveway. I had washed the blood off by then and went out in my shorts to help direct the job. (OK, I guess I was in a bit of mild shock) He never knew anything had happened until I told him about a half hour later when we went into the house.


I started thinking about all the possible infection between the rotten cactus and the filthy chain saw blade so I washed out the Tian Qi and poured a teaspoon or so of our liquid Viral Defense (A blend of antiviral and antibiotic herbs tinctured in alcohol) into the wound. Now that hurt! Wow! It really hurt! I poured some more Tian Qi into the wound and it quit hurting.


For about two weeks I changed the wound alternating with Viral Defense and Tian Qi. I watched as slowly the flesh filled in where about a half inch deep, half inch wide 4 inch long, gash used to be. It took a only few weeks.


No I never saw a doctor, no I never applied any stitches and yes I was able to mount my horse by myself in about two weeks. (This it what I had prayed for – I was not quite sure what I had cut through in my leg)


Today there is just a nice pretty pink straight looking scar and all is well with the world. Nothing hurts or even tingles. Once again, thank you God for being the great healer and thank you for that Tian Qi Root! I only have one request: Please don’t let me have to write case # 5, Lord!


Other Common Uses of Tian Qi

Tien Qi root (Panax Pseudo-Ginseng) in a raw fine powdered form is carried by most Asian soldiers as standard military issue. It is carried in a small bottle for pouring into an open wound or for taking internally if necessary.


The reason this is standard issue is its amazing ability to "re-direct" the blood from an open wound and even helps push or "float" metal objects to the surface. It can literally help stop bleeding without necessarily clotting. However, it can aid in clotting if it is necessary. It's almost as if it has a mind of its own. The Chinese say it "disciplines the blood"; also when taken internally, it can really speed up the healing time of wounds, broken bones, or most any tissue damage.


Tien Qi powder is taken internally for many reasons such as healing from an operation, wounds, internal bleeding and broken bones. This is also 100% applicable to female problems of severe menstrual bleeding and is used commonly by women in China. Tien Qi  is very effective for this.


About ¼ to ½ teaspoon of the powder dissolved in hot water or tea is taken 2-3 times a day for internal use. When I take it I have always noticed a nice warm energy coming from the stomach area and also found that when I take it, I am very alert and more focused than usual. This is most likely due to the added movement and “discipline” of the blood around the brain area.


Tien Qi is also used in a very famous Chinese liniment called Zhang Gu Shui to facilitate healing of broken bones and sprains due to its ability to disperse blood from an injury. It will stop bruises and other hematoma quickly by this dispersion. The exact formula is "kept secret" but everyone knows that the main herb is Tien Qi in a menthol-camphor base. (The Menthol Camphor helps carry the herb deep into the tissue.)


I used to practice the martial arts (Kung Fu) and there was always a bottle of Zheng Gu Shui around at all the tournaments in case someone was injured. I have heard countless stories of major Karate tournaments in Chinawhere someone's leg had been broken fighting so they wrapped the leg, putting cotton balls soaked in Zheng Gu Shui or another very similar formula under the wrap and sent him back to fight! (and he won)



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